Iran “disrupted” Internet before protests


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Protests broke out last month after the gas prices were presented

Internet services have been cut off in some parts of Iran due to reports that are cut off before planned anti-government protests on Thursday.

The BBC’s Persian audience reported outages, while NetBlocks for Internet monitoring confirmed a decline in usage.

Ilna, a semi-official Iranian news agency, quoted an unnamed official as saying that the action had been officially ordered.

This stems from calls for a demonstration of those killed in protests triggered by price rises last month.

Amnesty International claims that at least 304 people were killed and thousands of people arrested during daily security interventions. According to information from unnamed officials of the Ministry of the Interior, Reuters reported a death toll of around 1,500.

Protests broke out in cities in Iran on November 15, after the government announced that the price of gasoline will increase by 50% to 15,000 medicines per liter ($ 0.12; GBP 0.09 at unofficial exchange rate) and allow drivers to shop only 60 liters a month before the price rose to 30,000 medicines.

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This decision met with widespread anger in a country in which the economy is already slowing down as a result of US sanctions renewed last year when President Donald Trump left the multilateral nuclear agreement with Iran.

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Media headlineProtestors headed down the streets of Iran when fuel price increases introduced

As the protests escalated, Internet access almost stopped. Mobile phone shots that finally reached the outside world show that security forces are firing on unarmed demonstrators.

Relatives of one of the 27 killed, 27-year-old Pouya Bakhtiari, used social media to call for a ceremony on Thursday, 40 days after his death, in the capital of Alborz province, Karaj.

Members of the Bakhtiari family were reportedly arrested for fears that could continue to cause further unrest if this continued.