Jamie makes a fateful decision in Devs this week

Jamie makes a fateful decision in Devs this week

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This last episode of the Devs was a bit slow, but there’s one very important thing we need to discuss before moving on to the bigger plot: JAMIE, MY FAVORITE SOFT BOY. Congratulations Jamie !!!

If you remember, last week I wrote mostly Jamie. I thought Kenton was a terrible Jamie goner when he walked around his apartment. I have never been happier than to make a mistake, because Jamie quickly became my favorite character on this show. Jamie is alive, despite Kenton’s persuasive methods to calm him down.

I was surprised that Kenton left Jamie alive, but it made sense after I took a step back and actually thought about it. First, I don’t know if Amaya, despite having an open relationship with the authorities, can cover up a crime, as Kenton showed them to commit Lily. If Jamie died after all this, it might seem too bad for Kenton.

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Kenton’s open discussion with Forest and Katie at the Amaya headquarters also makes this clear: despite Jamie’s heartfelt speech at the beginning of the episode, he doesn’t want to kill people to protect the company. Kenton is worried about how far he has gone with the murder of Sergei, the murder of Lily, and the torture of Jamie, and make sure all of this is protected if it turns out. The forest can’t just say that Kento is naughty, which is something Kento fears might happen. If Kenton falls, he will take Amaya with him.

Episode 5 slowed down a bit after the fast pace of the first four episodes. In a show that is built in proportion to the plot and the character, it goes without saying that any current is bad. In addition, a little attention was paid to the theaters of the Devs division. There was a lot of flash, but it didn’t take the plot very far, except that he didn’t make a decision about Jamie’s participation: he has it all and pulls Lily out of the organization he closed. wait until next week to see the results of this decision and what the two will do next.

The rest of this episode is focused on filling in some of the architecture: the brutal road where Forest’s wife and daughter, Amaya, are killed, Forest’s relationship with Kathy, Lily’s relationship with Sergey, and Lily’s relationship with her father.

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One of the most interesting verses in this confusing montage is that Forest and Katie meet in one of the college classes that deals with quantum theory. After angrily leaving the classroom with her professor, Forest stops Katie and offers to pay for her education in exchange for working with her. One really interesting thing here is the ban between Katie and her professor. Katie is upset that her professor did not discuss Everett’s interpretation of quantum mechanics. I have some limited knowledge of quantum theory, and the bottom line is that the approach Katie supports in this scene is actually the same theory that ignited when I added Lyndon to the algorithm of many worlds I discussed last week. .

As the forest approaches Katie, she asks if there is “a world she can work with,” indicating that at some point she subscribes to the interpretation of many worlds. What has changed and why? We see the first successful extrapolation of the Devs, led by Katie, Lyndon and Stewart. It also underscores the validity of Lyndon’s firing – he was on the verge of splitting from the beginning and was a big part of his initial success.

And in the sad flashes (if we say they were set up in the way Katie looked at the past with the Devs system?), We witness what happened to the Forest’s wife and daughter – the Forest was hit by a vehicle as they approached. was on the phone with them. It is clear that at the time of the accident, his wife felt responsible for trying to get off the phone.

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Seeing all these shortcomings, we see an alternative consequence of what happened – After Forest arrives safely in the parking lot, he takes Amaya out the back door, Katie leaves, and never meets Forest outside of college class. What happened here surprised me that Katie Lyndon applied an algorithm throughout the entire Devs system.

Katie said that Mesha invested in proving a certain universe, that she had to reveal what she was doing, and that there was no way to change them, otherwise she would be responsible for the death of her husband and child. It is a way of self-emptiness that falls within one’s sphere of interest. The forest is very rich, and it has so much wealth at its disposal – to fight hunger, to help sick children, to lift people out of poverty, and instead to focus on their own grief. Not that he didn’t do these other things, we don’t have enough information to make a decision here, but it’s interesting that he’s in the spotlight.

Critical observations

  • The experience was cool to watch, but it took a long time to play this scene.
  • Jamie, who told her parents to leave the city for her protection, was very sweet.
  • We’ve seen minor footage of Lily’s death, but now we’re getting confirmation: Lily will die in the Devs.
  • There is no creeping Amaya statue in this episode! Amaya, I did not miss.
  • This show loves to put female characters in baggy bent ankle pants, and although I look like a ten-year-old, I love it, and here I am for that.

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