Jazz Festival Montreux releases free streams with more than 50 performances

Jazz Festival Montreux releases free streams with more than 50 performances

Montreux Jazz Festival has announced the release of more than 50 performances, with all its 54-year history, including the decoration of Nina Simone, Marvin Gay, Johnny Kesha and James Brown.

On the same day (26 March) comes the news that the Swiss festival was to submit its membership for the 54th festival. However, the growing pandemic of coronavirus led organizers to postpone the event to the deferral to be reported as soon as possible.

Marvin Gaye

“In this unprecedented time, fans will have the opportunity to experience the iconic performances of some of their favorite artists from their living rooms,” – said in a statement to the press, “including rare concerts” Godfather of soul “James Brown, who performed the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1981 and the legendary Nina Simone in 1976. Fans will also be able to enjoy the play John Live Cash 1994 Montreux, as well as nadivayuchaga show hip-hop group RUN DMC in 2001. “

On top of the aforementioned artists will also be able to see the performances of Carlos Santana, Alanis Morysett, Nile Rodgers and Chic, Simply Red, Phil Collins, In-Tang Clan, Korn and The Raconteurs. Now Stingray Qello platform available thirty-five performances.

Jazz Festival Montreux – is one of many organizations that provide entertainment to fans during COVID-nineteenth flash Grammy Museum in Los Angeles for the first time began to share issued by Q & As with musicians and performances on the Internet and recently canceled Film Festival BFI Flare released its program on the Internet.