Jim Cornette Indie Wrestler Files Over “F * ck Jim Cornette” Merch

Jim Cornette Indie Wrestler Files Over

Jim Cornette had a very strange 2019 and does not want to continue in 2020 the same way. Cornette has recently filed suit to close a banned T-shirt aimed at him.

Forbes reports that Jim Cornette has sued G-Raver, Indy Connection, owner William Molnar and Shopify over a T-shirt that Jim Cornette did not approve. That shirt says: “F * ck Jim Cornette.”

The image also depicts the Cornette with X on his eyes, needles coming from his forehead and blood splashing. It is said in the lawsuit that “they did not agree to use his name or image”.

It looks like this t-shirt has a little inner reference between the Cornette and the G-Raver. After G-Raver, GCW-BLP 2 Cups Stuffed, Cornette commented: “This is a bad nickname that the guy got his hand on at the end, if the fans were lucky they probably stopped the show everyone could watch it the idiot to get out. “

G-Raver responded to this comment from Cornette with: “Hey @TheJimCornette, let me see you at a meeting. I’ll spit in your mouth. You did nothing to me. Now you are an advocate of death?”

Following this incident and Jim Cornette filed a lawsuit, Shopify said it attempted to protect the phrase “F * ck Jim Cornette”. The Cornette prosecutor has said he will also file a complaint against the brand.

The lawsuit filed by Jim Cornette’s legal team includes the following explanation.

“Cornette is a professional living legend professional and is believed by many to be the world’s leading expert on all matters pertaining to the sport of professional wrestling. He did not endorse the use of his name or image.” allegations of unfair competition, trademark resolution, trademark cyber-piracy, trademark infringement, unfair competition, dilution, unauthorized use of plaintiff’s name and likeness. the alternative, conspiracy under Pennsylvania law. “

Forbes says that when asked for comment on the story, G-Raver said it had not yet heard of the complaint. New added later, “We have 90 days to serve. This is not unusual.”

G-Raver later tweeted about the whole situation:

“Let it be known, I was the type who never went back to some legend,” no matter the outcome, that’s what it’s worth. I’ll lose my ass before I just get up and sign my mouth off. It was fun and not i can wait for christmas! “This tweet is available below.

It looks like he might need to go to court because neither side seems to have a loss of affection for the other. Let’s see how this goes on.

Just let it be known, I was the type who did not come down from a legend “legend” whatever the outcome, it is worth it. I will lose my ass before I just get up and sign my mouth off. It’s fun and I can’t wait for Christmas! #Grover pic.twitter.com/grBAYXewiu

– G-RaVeR (@StaySickGRAVER) December 22, 2019