Jimmy Havoc at AEW is open to accepting new ideas

Jimmy Havoc at AEW is open to accepting new ideas

AEW began with a mission to become a legitimate alternative business fight. Each week they have a new opportunity to show their fans what they are capable of and sometimes this involves using some new ideas.

Jimmy Havoc works for AEW and MLW contracts. He recently spoke to Wrestling Inc. about the similarities between the two companies. Both are open to accepting new ideas and letting wrestlers develop their characters. This also sometimes involves turning an idea down if it doesn’t fit.

“They’re quite open to ideas, the same as AEW. We’re very open to us making creative that I think are great. It’s so much better when we are allowed to be ourselves and have our personalities go through that they have to do things that don’t fit our characters. “

“I’ve been here [MLW] for two years now and I’ve always enjoyed it. Guys don’t remember Alex Greenfield but he’s left now. But I really enjoyed working with him.”

Jimmy Havoc is forced to have many violent fights in an AEW ring for a long time. In the meantime, he still has a contract with both AEW and MLW so he can extend his unique barbarism to two TV promotions.