Jonathan Van Ness shaving his beard in a coronavirus isolation

Jonathan Van Ness coronavirus beard

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness seems to have the best time to isolate himself, judging by those he posted on his Instagram page.

The noise the organizers took this time alone to shave off his well-known beard at once, and the fans – who are upright, bored of isolation – are losing him.

Posting on Instagram, Van Ness said he looks like ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic without his beard. The fans were full of praise and praise for the new look of the star.

Fans sealed their approval after Jonathan Van Ness shaved his beard in isolation.

“I like it so well! You have such a beautiful face, it’s nice to see it,” one young Van Ness wrote.

“Honey you look so beautiful!” another wrote.

One celebrity thanked Van Ness for her fine hair, while another wrote: “YAS!”

I like it better! You have a beautiful face, it’s great to see.

The amazing display of fans also claims to look like Jesus now. Since we do not know what Jesus looks like, we cannot confirm or deny this.

Van Ness also confirmed that he was living the best life of isolation on his Instagram account. Also sharing a video of his four cats – the best friends he could have when you shut up – showed him a video of a shirtless dance in his kitchen for “It’s Happening” by Mariah Carey.

The Queer Eye star has shared the best in the COVID-19 epidemic.

She wrote: “I thought about Mariah.” In the next video, he has run all the likes right now.

“Ah gurl send me help,” she wrote while continuing to dance in Carey’s 1991 style.

This photo booth is also being used this time to help people learn new hair styling tips, as well as tips for makeup and hairstyles. Needless to say, this is the kind of thing we all need right now.

Van Ness is probably the favorite of Queer Eye Fab Tano due to his keen interest and social media.

The reality film, who is HIV-positive, revealed last year that she did not do well but loved it.

At the time, he said that in the past he was known to be gay because he thought they were the ones to be “and added:” One day I feel like a child and one day I feel like a girl. “