“Just more time to dance” – Manika Batra on life under blockade – other sports


The Indian star star’s Batina manic is currently in her home in New Delhi while Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day total shutdown in the country to combat the threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Currently ranked 47th in the ITTF rankings, Batra was expected to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics due to its high ranking. But now, intimidation by COVID-19 has delayed the Games, and the Indian table tennis player is kept preoccupied with ‘dance’ and ‘motivational stories’.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Hindustan Times, the 24-year-old gave a glimpse of her life under imprisonment. “Well, it’s a complete lock, so in the morning and evening I spend time working out on fitness. I read some motivational and inspirational online stories to mentally fit into these difficult times. I also keep up to date on the current news regarding the prevailing situation,” he said. is Batra.

Gyms and the usual gym in Delhi are currently closed, so Manika works out for fitness at her house. “I do skipping, stretching and normal exercise in my room and on my apartment balcony. It’s safe for sure, ”she said.

Apart from her fitness regimen. Manika says she also found time to get back to her other hobbies like dancing and reading. “I just get more time to dance and like dance is also a good exercise. I also love reading books and reading now – good vibes, the good life of Vex King. Of course I also love music and Netflix. There is no one particular song I enjoy. but I like to listen to music I can dance to, ”she said.

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics is seen as a good sign for the Indian table tennis contingent that has grown steadily in recent years. Another year of preparation could give Indian rowers more time to prepare, train and challenge for the elusive Olympic medal. Batra says she is currently positive about the same.

“Well, I’m a positive person. Whatever happens, it happens for good. So, yeah, now we’re going to get more time and modify or modify our plans accordingly to qualify first and then put on a good show at the Olympics next year, “she said.

Amid the uncertainty over which the entire state is being shut down, Manika believes the public should remain indoors and follow the guidelines set by the government. “It is important for everyone to stay home for our betterment, as well as for others around us. I urge everyone to be home as much as possible. Please drop by in case of emergency or if you need some necessary supplies and strictly follow government advice, ”she said.

She further asked the general public not to spread any false rumors and to avoid creating additional panic. “Creating panic will not help. It is better to understand the situation and remain united with everyone to overcome it. We can return to our daily routine once we are safe,” she said.