Kanye West says that the back support Trump reminds him of racial prafilyatsyyu

Kanye West says that the back support Trump reminds him of racial prafilyatsyyu

Kanye West said that the people who make assumptions about their political views, reminded him of racial prevention.

In the past, the rapper and entrepreneur faced with the furor over the support of the president, and Donald Trump because he publicly wore a cap “to make America great again.”

In a new interview with The Wall Street Journal West said he supported Trump, adding that people’s reactions to it have a racial context.

West is a vocal supporter of Trump

“It reminded me of how I felt a black guy before I became famous when I walked into the restaurant, and people will look at you as if you have something to steal,” – he said. “” This is your place, you do not talk about clothes. This is your place, you’re black, then a Democrat. “”

Praise be to the West in an interview with Trump comes as health officials, and a growing number of unemployed criticizes response to the pandemic President coronavirus.

West has been in politics is not the first time. On the eve of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he publicly condemned the absence of federal aid to New Orleans. “George Bush does not care about black people” – said West.

Elsewhere in the interview with West talked about how he worked closely with Trump, to help release OCI $ Rocky out of jail for the aggravation of the attack on Sweden in the past year.

In other news last week, E and his wife Kim Kardashian West hit the headlines when there is a new video that shows that Taylor Swift does not agree to a controversial line about her “famous” Song of 2016.

West was criticized for the line, which is referred to in Swift “Celebrities”, where he repnuv: “I feel that I and Taylor can still have sex / why not?” I did this bitch famous. “Talking about the lyrics while the West said that Swift agreed to include it in a phone call. Later, his wife Kim Kardashian released a video that appeared in support of the West.

Kardashian West has since denied the new video proves that Swift did not get permission, as reported initially by saying that the pop star “is actually lying.”