Kathy Griffin calls on Trump for lack of virus testing

Kathy Griffin calls on Trump for lack of virus testing

After Kathy Griffin reached out to Instagram to let her fans know about her situation, both finalists and fans quickly reached the comments section to accelerate her rapid recovery, including Olympic Gus Kenworthy who wrote: with a red emoji heart. At the time of writing, President Donald Trump has not yet responded to Griffin’s criticism.

As fans of the comic will know, this is not the first time Griffin has publicly hit Trump – and probably not the last. In May 2017, she unwittingly wrote a picture of herself wearing a Trump mask made to look like a severed head. The reaction she received was bad and she said in several interviews that she almost killed her career. According to NPR, after the tweet, Griffin “lost his job immediately”. In addition, “[f] senior officials threatened to conspiracy to assassinate the president.”

According to The New York Times, Griffin didn’t get the job he wanted for “two years” after the incident. However, this clearly did not prevent her from speaking her mind when it came to her thoughts on how the president handled the spread of the coronation.

Here’s hoping that – if and when it’s tested – the results of the Griffin coronavirus tests are negative.