Kenny Omega & Young Bucks Details Feeling betrayed on leaving NJPW & ROH

Kenny Omega & Young Bucks Details Feeling betrayed on leaving NJPW & ROH

Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are Executive Vice Presidents of AEW. This is a great career move for them, but I also had to say goodbye to other places to find their way into the All Elite fight.

During a recent video while eating room service, The Young Bucks said it felt like they were being betrayed by the NJPW when they “started off the New Year’s Eve”. Kenny Omega then discussed his own experiences when he left the company.

“Initially it had to be fifty / fifty between myself and Tanahashi, like what fans had to think of as being a savior and once [NJPW] knew I was going to do what they could – they did a complete blitz for to look like I was terrible. “

“Once they got it, they were really inspired to make the video [the Kenny’s Quest].”

Omega paid for the entire video “because I knew it wasn’t clear”. He edited it together and presented Kenny’s Quest video on NJPW, but they didn’t care.

Then Kenny’s Quest aired on Being The Elite and received a lot of attention. At that time, NJPW wanted to use some of the videos for their own purposes. Kenny Omega told them, “Sorry, I already gave it to Nick [Jackson].”

Nick Jackson then discussed how the Young Bucks received some of the same treatment from ROH as he was leaving the company.

“It was a difficult month because before that we had gotten pretty much kicked out of the ring of honor. Of course, we were leaving, but we felt we were physically kicked.”

Matt Jackson said they were depressed about the way they were treated and “it was finally over at Tokyo Tom in the end.” This moment may have marked the end of The Elite era at NJPW and ROH, but they had plenty more stories to tell after that.

Everyone went to AEW, but each of them has to agree that they didn’t get the closure they really wanted in the situation. [/ embed]

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