Kesha has released a new song about Nicolas Cage

Kesha has released a new song about Nicolas Cage

Kesha has shared a new song about Nicolas Cage, after a couple blew dense membership earlier this year.

The singer, who was present at the premiere of Cage movie “The Color out of space” to get to know him – in a new moment of a wide selection of the most popular films of cult actor.

“I’m on vacation, sliding down from Las Vegas / Ask for the presence’s rooms, call my agent,” – she sings in the new track, situated on Twitter.

“Bitch, I’m a national treasure. I make rain in the desert / I have here an octopus pyramid. You think I’m an extra?” I shit Nicolas Cage. “


– Cache (@KeshaRose) March 24, 2020

In the video the singer is also slotted frames, covered with glitter, and a variety of clips from various films about Nicolas Cage. Cage’s voice repeating pattern that says “Good call, baby doll!” also has video.

Speaking after the pair was held in January this year, Cage told USA Today, that “Kesha – lovely lady and we are very fun.”

Kesha has released its fourth album, “High Road” in January, and the NME claimed that “turbazaradnyya records pass through several tracks.”

“Karanozny material often is fantastic, which further shows the material” Gufara “. Kesha delicate balance of country songs with dmuhayuchay bandstand throughout his career, but you may wish to” High Road “adhered to one lane” – noted in our review.