Kirsten Hillman is registered as a Canadian representative to the U.S.

Kirsten Hillman is registered as a Canadian representative to the U.S.

Senior leaders have told CTV News that Kirsten Hillman will be named Canada’s first female U.S. ambassador – the first woman in Canada’s history to assume the role of Washington.

Hillman has been Canada’s leading representative since David MacNaughton stepped down in August 2019.

The epidemic has caused the Liberals to keep its appointments indefinitely because it is a key player in cooperation with Canada-U.S. the answer.

Top Canadian officials said Hillman was “in the middle” in a joint effort between Canada and the United States to protest COVID-19 protests, including the recent closure of the border respond to all that is unnecessary.

Canada recognizes the success of the United States in slowing the spread of its presence with many officials in regard to the border closure as a key factor in preventing the escalation of hostilities. northern coronavirus.

“As we work together to discuss the new NAFTA, I see Ms. Hillman’s ability to represent Canadians and advocate for their interests,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

“He is a combination of special knowledge and expertise, and is a professional.” Ms. Hillman will serve as a consultant, friend, and consultant in Washington and is a three-time congressional representative for Congress and the U.S. administration. “

Hillman has been a key figure during the Great Depression of the two countries, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sought to track down his position on the economic policy of US President Donald Trump. . He was instrumental in the negotiations for the new NAFTA document.

Hillman has become a favorite of many Canadians in the American city, by emceeing Canada Day celebrations to help prepare meetings for the Toronto Raptors during the NBA playoffs in 2019.

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