Kirstie Alley’s unbelievable truth

Kirstie Alley's unbelievable truth

In an unforgettable interview on The Howard Stern Show from 2013, Kirstie Alley talked about how she found Scientology. Alley was struggling with cocaine and sought help from a friend who was a Scientologist. The friend sent Alley the book Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard, and Alley said he read it while “mopping the coke through the whole thing”. At the end of the book, Alley said she thought, “This is either the biggest scam in the world or the biggest discovery in the world.” So Alley moved to California to find out!

Alley said her parents were worried about her interest in Scientology and her mother gave her another dictionary and asked Alley to look up the word “worship”. But Alley said the definition was too gratifying to scare her, and she thought if she could get out of drugs, she could come out of a cult.

She spoke to Stern about the persecution she experiences in Hollywood about her beliefs. “I think this is the most repulsive thing anyone can do to attack another person’s faith. Because faith is what you look to hope for and it’s what you look for to help other people and I think it’s really wrong.” said (via HuffPost).

“When you generalize and when your goal is to abuse and say things to an entire group … when you decide to make a clear statement, ‘Scientology is bad’, you are my enemy,” Ali added.