Lee Christian Hatsan releasing a new single, “Talk” producer Phoebe Bryzhers

Lee Christian Hatsan releasing a new single,

Lee Hatsan Christian shared video reel for the new single “Talk” Phoebe Bryzhers – watch it below.

“Discussion” – is the story of a man who stands on the border of paternity and comes to the relationship with their parents’ absence. “

From this next song “Northsiders” and “Lose This Number”, where both string arrangements Nathaniel Walcott with “bright eyes.”

Watch the video with director Kim Han-soo follows: “Talk” button below:

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Speaking about his new album, Hatsan, who wrote the song on EP EP “boygenius” and two on the LP “Better Oblivion Community Center” Bridger’s and Conor Oberst, said: “I left the” newcomers “as the title, so I think I am in my life – as if I’m just learning and trying to figure out how to navigate the world. “

Yesterday Billy Elishama shared a series of personal playlists of songs that influenced the tracks from her debut album, including tracks Phoebe Bryzhers, Mac Miller and LCD Soundsystem.

Turning to Instagram Stories, pop star asked his fans if they want “lists of songs that inspire each song,” sounded in “We, when we go to sleep, where are we going?”.

Meanwhile, Phoebe Bryzhers confirmed his future function of the new album in 1975 “Notes on a Conditional Form”.

Speaking from “Zane Lowe’s” for “New music daily” in the Apple Music music immediately after the new track “Garden Song”, Bryzhers also talked about his friendship with Metsi Healy.