Lock Covid-19: Basic Services Allowed, Mohalla Clinics Won’t Close, Kejriwal Says – Delhi News

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressing a press conference on Thursday on steps taken by the government to check the spread of coronavirus disease Covid-19.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said that all essential services would remain open during the lock-up of Covid-19 and assured that persons involved in providing these services would be allowed.

He announced this after a press conference with Delhi Governor Anil Baijal.

“Internet service providers / e-sellers delivering essential services and merchandise that should be allowed. All basic service stores can remain open for 24 hours so that there is no rush for people, ”Baijal told a news conference.

Kejriwal said he had a meeting with Delhi police officers and told them to allow such services. He also said that the Assistant Commissioner of Police (AKP) is tasked with ensuring that all grocery stores and other utility stores remain open.

“The factories that produce these items, as well as the warehouses where the warehouse is stored, will remain open. Those factories that want to operate 24 hours will have the opportunity to do so,” Kejriwal said.

“Those who deliver the food will be allowed. These executives just have to show IDs to the police,” the Delhi Chief Minister said.

He further said that the mahala clinics will not be closed. “I know one of our doctors tested positive. There are reports that Mohalla clinics will be closed because of this. I want to tell people who don’t believe the rumors. The clinics for Mohalla will be closed, ”Kejriwal said.

His conviction followed the chaos of the first day of closing when long queues were seen in front of the store, and e-commerce and food delivery executives complained about police harassment.

People faced problems with the shops, while police officers refused to let them pass, even beating some despite the government’s assurances that they would not delay buying the items. Several people facing harassment said police appeared to be unaware of government advice. People who were able to get to local stores said they were afraid of the situation worsening as supplies seemed to be running out.

Internet retailers such as Amazon and grocery delivery services like Big Basket have canceled pre-shipped orders and said they have no new shipping space. This forced people to go shopping at local shops, where social distancing was far cry as people struggled to secure fast-disappearing supplies.

The Center is also in contact with the governments of the states to ensure that there is no shortage of basic goods.

In five days, the number of Covid-19 cases has jumped from about 200 to 606, and experts say that number could increase if more people are tested. Five fresh cases have been reported in the national capital in the last 24 hours by Wednesday.

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