Love for the pool

Love for the pool


  • Waterfalls in Miami make the point and the club ask for their work
  • This came after the state became infected with coronavirus, and the events were canceled
  • The coronavirus tally in the state rose to 1,978

It all started with a short video of a young man, Brady Sluder proudly saying, “If I get the corona, I have the corona. In the daytime, I will not let him from recording. “He was one of a number of Spring break teams that went all the way to Miami last week.

NBC reports that the virus has infected nearly 70,000 people in the United States. The death toll rose by more than 1,000 and the country quickly reached the final center of the ranks. Perhaps knowing this information, Sluder has a new message for everyone, in his own words: “Don’t be intimidated and don’t think you’re like me.”

Sluder has issued a request for his services. The 22-year-old from Milford, Ohio, said there were people in his life whom he had worshiped, many of whom were very old – even those who had suffered from chronic illness . He said he knew of the errors in his ways and turned from laughter to telling people about the effects of the virus.

The cases in Florida are still rising. According to Florida today, it has been reduced to 1,978 cases, with 23 inmates. Miami was the strongest, with Orange County and Hillsborough coming in second. The events culminated in the Ultra Music Festival and Calle Ocho.

It was released at the May Open, a two-way Tennis tournament. Recorded in May until things get better. It all began at the rocky Rock Stage on March 23 With the ban being dismissed, Monte Carlo and Stuttgart doubts.

Sluder’s application may have passed, but it’s not the same as just complaining about the disease; do not speak falsely. There are cases of David Anzarouth, who traveled to Miami in early March for a vacation. The 25-year-old has recently shown signs of heart disease. When asked for an interview, he declined but spoke through the word and said it well.

Miami Beach, a police station, was detained only after authorities ordered the closure of hostels and attempts to fight coronavirus. Duration: 01: 06 Part: AFPTV / Gianrigo MARLETTA

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