Love Is Eyes For Season 2: Expectations

Love Is Eyes For Season 2: Expectations

Filming the first season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind was the “shortage” of the producer Chris Coelen’s function.

“I have no idea – really, no guarantee – everyone will fall in love, who will say, that someone will be willing to accept, that people won’t run away when they see them one point in the experiment, “Coelen said.” It doesn’t guarantee that they will go with or get married. As a producer, you think you have some comfort, some law enforcement. But this is very dangerous. We want it to be as clear as they can be. “

The experiment was successful by most standards – two out of six couples started marriage at home, with one couple returning before the end. Love Is Blind Itself is such a fun show that, on Tuesday, Netflix renewed the series for two more seasons.

In celebration, Coelen teased a few details about Where Love Is Blind.

Instead of Atlanta, a new season will be set in Chicago.

“We are throwing in Chicago,” Coelen said, noting that the developers are on Nick and Vanessa Lachey-hosted movie published the casting report on Tuesday, and has already received thousands of applications. (On the application question: “What is your perfect race body shape? Where do you go in bad shape?”; “Do you have a race or ethnicity?” ; “Why are you good?” The contestants were also asked about their social-media handle.)

The most important qualification, according to Coelen, is that customers can truly prepare for a long-term relationship. Making their bet during the show, Love Unknown producers initially made 40 people – and killed competitors based on their competition at the beginning of the session. Coelen said the movie will be back to normal for a second season model giving it a makeover.

“What we want to do is make sure that the people we are making are like that we connect with people. And then people who have not really connected or created (process based), we want to eliminate those people because it feels like a waste of time. “

Developers are open to attendees in advance.

Coelen said that “the demographics of the population during the first season — the mid 20s to the mid 30s – were nothing short of magic.” “The overall nature of the show is to determine if there is some surface problem. The .and age is one of the benefits, so we are open to older. Yeah. But I don’t think we are going to get any younger. Because I think you’ll want to go with people who enjoy real life. “

(Questionnaire shows that developers are also open to divorce and parents.)

Coelen showed some viewers the fact that all six of the contestants finished the race — but told Vanity Fair that he wanted to make clear that he started Season 1 with more competitors.

“It’s interesting because there are so many different groups – different in terms of race, culture, and also in terms of ‘sex appeal – and in the end we chose to follow the same people helping each other. The point of the show is that people tend to collide with one another and the fact that they look like they have no control over ourselves. “

The bandages will be the same.

Asked if Love Is Blind will see the benefit of production soon – will the bandages be renovated and the members sent to a more relaxed location — Coelen said no. “I don’t think so. I think it would be similar. “

The actions will be based on normal marriages.

Coelen said his production team had more couples than he could show for Love in Blind’s first season. (The couple added their parents’ decision has not been final.) Although he understands people love their Love Is Blind, Coelen said he is not yet aware of the “eight partner or ten couples in the movie section. ”

Love Is Blind will hire the same without the dating rights.

Developers out of other retail outlets are so branded that there are books and the whole Life series, UnReal, written on topics. But Coelen said he wants Love Is Blind to be as “authentic” as possible.