MacKay: Leader of the Task Force a ‘vital’ program that addresses COVID-19 transmission

MacKay: Leader of the Task Force a 'vital' program that addresses COVID-19 transmission

While his opponents call for a leadership review to be postponed with the COVID-19, hopeful leader Peter MacKay has been behind in pushing for a postponement.

Currently, it is downplayed with the acknowledgment that one of the leaders of the NATO Group has provided “significant resources” in covering COVID-19.

“I want to tell you that the role of the Chief Minister is that important services, like the media, and the ability to hold the government accountable … are one an important part of our national democracy, ”MacKay said. in an interview with CTV Power Play host Evan Solomon, released Thursday.

When MacKay told Solomon he would accept the current state of competition as an alternative to keeping it tight, he would not admit of a delay.

MacKay, who many emerged as Conservative party leaders, has continued to contest the Conservative Party’s top positions despite his candidacy for links. more.

Erin O’Toole and Derek Sloan, two of the remaining four candidates, both received calls to vote for the contest. In the letter, Sloan called the current situation not only “unreliable” but also “unacceptable and unacceptable to Canadians who face family health problems.” and the economy is staggering. “

O’Toole, in a video broadcast on Sunday, asked for the final round. He said “Canada needs to come first.”

During the interview, MacKay called into question the commitment of his competitors to the need for competition. He told Solomon he “would ask other candidates why it was they wanted him to quit.”

When Solomon said that the COVID-19 outbreak was the cause of the others’ need for a delayed trial, MacKay replied, “Is that right?”

MacKay says “Look, this is a challenge.”

“The competition has been going on for quite some time now, all the rules have been the same for everyone. This has not benefited anyone. We have reached halfway through the process now instead, in the final vote of the vote, we were “Again, it causes no problems.”

Still, there are still those who have said bad things to MacKay by his decision to continue the competition and push the competition to stay the course – or even the debate.

Green Party MP Elizabeth May told Solomon in an interview on Thursday that she was unhappy with MacKay’s thinking.

“I don’t know if Peter can underestimate the decision to try hay at this point,” May said.

Former president Stephen Harper’s first communications head, Andrew MacDougall, also made some negative comments to MacKay in a column he wrote to Maclean’s newspaper on Thursday.

“To call it a deaf ear would be to criticize all incomplete Canadian Idol candidates, even the man who didn’t make it out of the parking lot in that Whitehorse trial in 2005. To call it would be foolish to lift Donald Trump to Mensa’s height, ”said MacDougall in his opinion.

Still, MacKay has not been quick in his push for the Conservative Party to elect his new leader – and promptly.

“Why can’t we continue? There is no threat to any significant action that has taken place across the country to oppose COVID-19,” said MacKay.

Conservatives will elect their additional leaders on June 27 in Toronto.

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