Man Showed Bow To Family In Texas Rabies Incident

Man Showed Bow To Family In Texas Rabies Incident

PASADENA, Texas – A Texas family says that a mother and two children were in a car, going to the dentist, when a man pointed a compound bow at them in an apparent traffic crisis.

It happened Tuesday morning. Friend Arteche was taking his 10 year old daughter Lily to the dentist. Her family says that her 3-year-old daughter, Lizzie, was also in the car.

“So what happened yesterday was that my mom was going to take me to the dentist to see how I was going to get my suspenders,” said Lily.

There is construction and the road is narrowing. Lily suddenly says that a red car is right behind them and has started chasing them.

“Right behind us, my mother says in the mirror:” What is that? There is a car trying to hit us, “said Lily.

Police said the car was driven by Gabriel Cobo, 25.

Lily’s mother, Ami, told her husband that she tried to let him pass, but it got out of hand. Police say he stopped next to her and pointed a compound bow at his car. Her 10-year-old daughter was in the front seat, the other in the back.

“So he lets her pass. He slows down to where he can see her and lowers the window halfway down,” said Shannon Arteche, Lily’s father.

He said Cobo then yelled at Ami, threatening her.

“I was just as scared, like what’s going to happen. How serious is he going to shoot?” said Lily.

Friend was able to get the license plate from the car and Lily was also a good witness.

In fact, she still remembers the plate number today.

Shortly after, the officers were able to find Cobo.

He denied having shown a weapon, but officers later found the bow in a dumpster, as well as two arrows.

“You know, there are a lot of cases, you know, but if he hit a bump and got hold of the trigger, it could have been much worse,” said Shannon Arteche.

Lily was shaken but is glad he was caught.

“I think he should have more time because there are kids in there, a 3 year old kid and me. I think it was not right,” said Lily.

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