Margot Robbie doing her own stunt? Can we be best friends

Margot Robbie doing her own stunt? Can we be best friends

I like a celebrity who owns their stuff. This means those who willingly tell us they didn’t do certain stunts or those who at least tried. Tom Holland is trying every bit of his Spider-Man work, Anthony Mackey is praising his stunts twice and their work together, and now there’s evidence that Margot Robbie tries to do most of her stunts and … I love her so much.

Stunts are tough. That’s why there are stunt doubles. But sometimes an actor just wants to get himself thicker and that’s fine too. Did Margot Robbie possibly a great sequel to all the birds in her own right? I have no choice but to be stunned stronger than I was before (remember, I would consider Robbie to be Oscar-worthy on a regular basis).

The sequence of questions came when Harley was trying to release Cassandra Cain into police custody in order to bring in the bad guy Roman Sionis (or get Bartinelli’s diamonds for himself). Since all of Zionis’ hitmen and city mercenaries are coming after both her and Cassandra Cain, she’s struggling with what she can find at the police station. In true Harley fashion, he first grabs a bat (absolutely delighted to see it) and uses it to break free alongside the great leg split move I’ve seen.

And Margot Robbie did it herself!

WAIT ????? Margot kept this stent herself ??????

– Tris (@filmcupid) March 25, 2020

Using the same team from John Wick, the stuntman and director Chad Stahelski helped leverage his skills in some of the movie’s fight scenes. Which is a lot like the hulk berry fight sequence in John Wick’s 3A. More often than not, in many films we see a woman somehow end up crushing her around a man’s face in a fight scene.

In The Birds of Prey, that move was non-existent, and instead, Harley and the birds fought as if they were truly the size of their real life. The reason I love watching this movie is so much more than seeing Margot Robbie kicking her enemies in the lap than throwing a man three times her size. And now to see if Margot Robbie actually did it? I hope I’m Margot Robbie, I wish she was my best friend and maybe I’m in love. Who should say

Now, with COVID-19 quarantine running around the world, the Birds of Pre VOID was released early so we can all stay inside, stay safe and watch it together. Rent it out in particular so that we can all watch the fight sequence again and find out that Margot Robbie just flipped a whole guy over his head using his legs. Yeah, I’m not finishing it yet.

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