Martin Lewis issues urgent warning to anyone booking summer vacations this month

Martin Lewis issues urgent warning to anyone booking summer vacations this month

The cold winter nights of January make almost all of us dream of warmer climates, the sea and the sun.

No wonder we all think of booking a summer vacation to brighten up rainy days.

However, financial guru Martin Lewis has issued an urgent warning to anyone planning to book a summer getaway.

The money-saving expert told Good Morning Britain that January is the biggest vacation booking month, but too often people forget to buy travel insurance at the same time.

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And he has given very important advice, reports WalesOnline.

He said, “You need a blanket from the moment you leave, but far too many people book a vacation and leave the blanket until later.

“Unfortunately, I too often hear stories like” I just got diagnosed with cancer, I was going on vacation in six weeks, but I need chemo now. The airline will not refund my ticket, what can I do? “”

But he said that by this point it was generally too late to do anything, although the initial coverage could be very inexpensive.

Martin Lewis shared some important vacation tips on Good Morning Britain
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He continued: “The job of travel insurance is to cover you if you can’t go, but if you only get it before you leave, or if you miss all the coverage that protects you in case of before the holidays, as long-term cancer treatment or the death of a family member. “

He added: “You are only covered for cancellation if you have insurance before illness / injury, loss of job, jury order, etc. So if you leave sooner or later this year, buy ASAB (as soon as you’ve booked). “

He said policies can be purchased online for as little as £ 9 per person in some cases, and travelers should keep an eye out for the best deals on comparison sites.

He said that anyone who leaves at least twice a year would probably be better off with an annual policy.