Matt Helders Arctic Monkeys says that when the old songs like “Karaoke”

Matt Helders Arctic Monkeys says that when the old songs like

Artsol Arctic Monkeys Matt Helders said that groups often are reluctant to play their old material, because they feel that “doing karaoke.”

In a new interview with comedian James WITCH Helders said that it is better to have kept fans ‘memory’ of an older play, not to play on the track to meet their demand.

“Some people still play well, some feel that we’re doing karaoke of their own songs,” – Helders said about your old stuff on the album, including the debut of 2006 “What People Say I Am, That’s I’m Not” “” [He ] I feel like a caricature. It no longer feels like a real, I think they just have a version of memory, where we really had in mind, but we will not do it for you. “

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Instead, the groups are known to offer to reconsider their earliest material – including turn “Mardy Bum” in slow ballad tour “AM”.

But Helders was to negotiate with the subsequent group once rumored to be planning a series of big shows in Sheffield next year.

Earlier this month, the promoters SJM reported license for three shows between 4-6 June 2021 in the city of Hillsborough Park – about the details of this event have been placed in the park gate.

It remains unclear, they began work on the next 2018 “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”, but said earlier Helders fans that they will not have to wait for “another five years” before the next album, as well as between the “AM” and ” calm Base Hotel & Casino “.

“I think the break was based on a variety of circumstances, and it was what we needed at the time, but it is not a model to which we are accustomed We like to be in the studio, we aim to create albums…” – Helders said.

The Group completed the tour “Baze Hotel and Casino Base” on kastserskim picnic Estéreo in 2019.

Last year Helders teamed up with Joe Cornelius Milburn to release his debut album as a Good Cop Bad Cop.