Meghan McCain returns to ‘The View,’ says Baby News’ ‘Bittersweet’

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain returned to The View for the first time after announcing she was pregnant. The Conservative was treated as a Skype user from his home. He had previously told his doctor that he was going to treat people with coronavirus. In his return, McCain now described it as “bittersweet” and explained the reasons behind it.

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What did Meghan McCain say when she returned?

The work was started by women of The View honoring McCain as a teenager.

“We’re glad, to some great surprise … this is bittersweet because so many people have suffered so much lately,” McCain said. “No, I want to be in the studio with all of you but the doctor understands it. I think everyone knows this is not the easiest way for a mother. Spirit and the way things are going now and I think like most women it’s not a straight line. I don’t know if I’ll go with mom. ”

Political researcher worries about asthma in the public health era due to COVID-19. However, she reminded herself that “the other kids” had babies that were in dire straits. “

“I think it’s going to be time and place to talk about this in the long run, but right now I think America just wants to talk about coronavirus. Thanks to everyone. Ben and I were very friendly and talked about the good in nature,

Whoopi Goldberg praised McCain in the baby news and said, “People are always looking for something to adorn. You just give them a nice smile of appreciation, so it’s a good thing.”

McCain took over and Goldberg took a pregnancy test a year ago.

“Whoopi told me. Whoopi told me like last year that I was having a baby, and he told me about sex, “McCain said.” You are 100% positive and it doesn’t help my mind. and you will find mental powers that always make me think. I told my mom, ‘Who’s right in everything with the right time. “ [/ embed]

Meghan McCain shares baby news

Over the weekend McCain confirmed that a baby with her husband, Ben Domenech, was starting.

“My husband Ben was blessed to know I was pregnant,” McCain said. “Although this is not what I intend to announce in my pregnancy. We and our families are pleased to announce the news to all of you.”

Following her doctor’s instructions, McCain will keep the evidence from the world away from her home. While there is no evidence that coronavirus-infected women are available, the Republican pundit wants to take all possible precautions.

“I consulted with my doctors and they told me that for the safety of our baby and myself, I need to be very careful about increasing the amount of people we talk to. “he said. “In the very beginning, I will join the millions of Americans who have isolated themselves as a deterrent to the COVID-19 announcement. In the end, I will be featured in The View from home via satellite. ”

“I was the only tenant, my manager, ABC, and my colleagues agreed to work remotely,” McCain continued. “I am inspired by the workers and the shipbuilders. I also want to thank the soldiers – the doctors, nurses, workers and workers, the journalists, the police. , firefighters, and troops – who are at the forefront of this battle Please be safe – Wash your hands and avoid crowd gatherings and I’ll see you every morning. .

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