Meghan Merkel’s first project after the royal meeting is Disney’s “Elephants”.

Meghan Merkel's first project after the royal meeting is Disney's

The Duchess of Sussex is back to its TV roots – but no, it’s not a reboot of suits. Megan Merkel tells the documentary Disneynature, as confirmed by Disney on Thursday, March 26, and is coming out in April. So basically, you can listen to Megan, the Duchess of Sussex talking about elephants when you’re stuck at home. Is there anything better?

According to People, Meghan agreed to tell the new documentation months before her husband Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, announced their decision to retire as senior working members of the royal family. She saw several excerpts from the Doctor before agreeing, recording her narration last fall in London. Hence, it is reportedly not marking its first step in working for economic independence. Still, this is her first post-royalty project.

Disneynature released an Elephant trailer yesterday, describing it as “a powerful story that shows how much family can take you, as epic and inspiring as nature itself.” Great in the effort to reach their new home.

Meghan apparently agreed to attend Disney’s film due to her previous defense of the Royal Creatures. In 2017, she traveled to Botswana with Harry to help Dr. Mike Chase of Borderless Elephants and help him with conservation efforts. In fact, Pippel says it is Dr. Chase’s mutual friends and herself who have made Meghan aware of the documentary.

Despite speculation, there is no way for Merkel to participate in other Disney projects at this time. However, this possibility is probably out of the question. When the couple debuted in London to the Lion King in July 2019, Harry was heard in a video in which Disney CEO Bob Iger said Markle was interested in doing voiceover work. Maybe Phil would be the start of a long-term partnership.

The Elephant will premiere at Disney + on April 3 alongside another Disnatura documentary, Dolphin Reef, narrated by Natalie Portman. They will make social distance to the wind, at least for a few hours.