Melania Trump Live In News

Melania Trump Live In News

We continue to fight against coronavirus and it is great to see that Melania Trump is involved as ever. Or at least he has been more involved since speaking at the PTA meeting on March 10 and not addressing the growing concern of the disease, despite the already closed school system. have been created. But until March 19, it was all coronavirus at all times. The White House announced that Melania is one of the many senior management and health care professionals who will appear on the COVID-19 PSA. His job is to teach Americans, especially those with children, how to protect themselves and their families at this time.

His first order of business was film, and that went well enough. He promised himself that he would not last forever and urged everyone to reach families in “good technology” such as video conferencing and networking. He signed, “Remember when we were apart, we were all together.” And since then he has published motivational articles, links that are relevant to stress management, and the publication of gossip and falsehoods, as well as attachments to “bloom” cam ”trained at the National Mall.

Today, however, he saw the coronavirus and his Better Life campaign to support children, tweeting, “When most children are at home during this difficult time, they interested in social media in the sun. Parents, please be sure to monitor them regularly to make sure they are practicing safety online. “

She agreed when the first woman took a look at the danger of American children following the president on Twitter.

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