Mexico releases a Texas woman trying to deliver Christmas presents to migrants


A woman in Texas was given permission to leave Mexico after being detained while trying to deliver Christmas presents to a large refugee camp where people are waiting in the limbs on the border to deal with US court deadlines for their asylum applications.

Relatives Anamichelle Castellano say that the Mexican authorities arrested her on Monday at a bridge crossing from Brownsville, Texas to Matamoros, Mexico.

His relatives say the authorities discovered a small box of ammunition in Castellan’s car, which, according to her husband, they left after a previous hunting expedition.

Mexico has strict laws against entering a country with weapons or ammunition. These laws sometimes bring Americans to cross the border.

Genaro Lopez, Castellano’s father, said on Wednesday that she was released on Tuesday and could return to the US. Her car and about 300 wrapped gifts she had are still in Mexico, Lopez said.

Castellano and her husband Jehu run a non-profit organization called the Socorro Foundation. He is a volunteer who seeks to help thousands of parents and children waiting in Mexican border towns to seek asylum in American immigration courts.

The Donald Trump report has prevented many asylum seekers from entering or removing them from the US, while their cases are still under a policy known as ‘Stay in Mexico’.

“Our faith is very strong,” Lopez said on Wednesday. “God didn’t blink. He had a plan. “