Monday Motivation: 2019 Top 10 Tips

Monday Motivation: 2019 Top 10 Tips

Monday Motivation here we come! We see you – cup of coffee in hand, stumbling in the dark to stumble upon your journey. Don’t worry, we have your back! If you’re more of a podcast person than someone who is reading, listen to Spotify Monday content. Check out our Grit Days Podcast channel.

If you are sorry this day of the week, you may need our Monday Motion quick tips. Studies show that your morning mood affects your productivity throughout the day. Grit Daily is here to start your work week. Open your fists – it’s time for Monday’s Motivation!

Thank you for an awesome year

We really appreciate you taking the time to read our weekly column. Many of you have now discovered our weekly podcast and we started counting it. Thank you! It’s been a great year and today’s column is # 43. Wahoo! And it favors 2020 and all the new learning and opportunities it brings.

Fan favorites included: “Get Your PTO”, “Tune In, Not Out” and “The Unplugging Experiment”. Although I’m obviously biased and tend to like all of Monday’s moving columns that I write or will not post (duh!), I was particularly influenced by the “You Crack Me Up” column. As I researched the benefits of laughing health, I found numerous articles that mention how we laugh less with each passing year. I ran: this was awesome new! Then and there, I promised to laugh more. And yes, I’ve laughed more, but it’s not enough. Lookout 2020 …

Very busy to read whole sentences

Somewhere along the way, we, as a society, were fascinated by the obsessions of the Top 10 lists. Just a Google “Top 10” and over 34 million visits come back in seconds. Perhaps this is the result of a “busy” population, where most of us lament that we have less time than we did before. It smells of a future Monday motivation column …

Couple this with the data bombardment day and night (every minute, over 300 hours of new videos, topics that now transcend cat cats, are uploaded to YouTube) and it is not surprising that we want byte-size information distilled nuggets. Who has time to surf through all this? Most people don’t even have time to read the sentences anymore!

This is the motivation for Monday and we understand that you are busy. So we’ll put it right. Here are the Top 10 Tips for 2019.

Top 10 Tips of 2019

Motivation Monday 2019 offered 132 guidance tips, but only 10 made the list. Which tip has helped you the most in the past year?

# 1 – if you need help, get help

Whether it’s holiday stress, breakups, stress at work, friction with your family, sharing sexuality news, or whatever, it doesn’t matter. If you need help, GET help. Do not wait. Call a professional who can guide you through your situation and manage your stress. Calling is free, no questions asked, no judgment, Helpline 24/7/365: 1-800-662-4357. More tips here.

# 2 – eat this frog, don’t procrastinate

We are a nation of procrastination: 20% of us are in chronic condition, while another 50% of us are on a regular basis. EAT THE GRAY. It is horrible, it will go down kicking and screaming, but if you do the worst job, job or thing to do as the first attempt of the day, you are productivity will be upset and this sense of accomplishment will bring You through the day and maybe even in the week. More tips here.

# 3 – laughter is contagious, go get “infected”

Female rats and their dogs make them more playful, which slows down the rate of aging. Why no one has studied what happens to cats when you scratch them I don’t know but other research shows that people laugh 30 times more often when they are with their friends than when they are with non-friends. The moral of the story is to spend more time with friends and let these belly laughs! More tips here.

# 4 – give the gift of light

An impressive 69% of Americans stress how they will be able to pay for gifts during the holidays. There is no reason to go beyond debt. You have a frank discussion and you choose to give each other one thing that no one seems to have enough of these days – time. Share your time with each other, give someone the gift of your light. More tips here.

# 5 – Get your PTO

Being “busy” all the time isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. More than 700 million holiday days go up in the US each year. Half of the population loses their PTO days. This is not good for our mental health, productivity and quality of life. There are no excuses, go out there and dedicate a day once! More tips here.

# 6 – change one thing

It’s all too easy to see all these “perfect lives” in social media and “perfect people” in magazines long enough to become miserable and leave us convinced that we have to change everything. Not so much. Trying to change too many things will become overwhelming and you will not be able to change anything at all. Start with one thing. Work on it daily until it becomes a habit and you can consider the change successful, then move on to the next thing you want to change. More tips here.

# 7 – tune in, not out

Try it. I dare you. In fact, I double-dog-dare. Go to a cafe and put your headphones, Airpods, headphones or any noise canceling device in your bag. Hide them. Sit there, look around, try to make eye contact. Smile. Say hi. Practice this for a few days, then a few weeks and you’ll notice how much more welcome people you are. More tips here.

# 8 – remain curious about staying young

Almost all tips for staying young – they don’t look younger – are based on brain activity. From eating less and exercising, which both stimulate thought, socializing your belief in yourself, all have a positive effect on aging. Ask more questions, don’t be shy! Once you stop learning, your cognitive decline accelerates. More tips here.

# 9 – change your perspective

If things aren’t exactly going to plan, maybe it’s time to look at things a little differently. Take a look at a stranger, paint a script and ask someone else to come in or take a godly approach and think what would be different if you had a magic wand. And if you start crying in a conversation but don’t want to look up – looking up by changing your outlook and eye shape for long enough that the tears don’t drip on your cheeks and you’ll get that moment you need to pull yourself together. More tips here.

# 10 – Dare to be different

Embrace yourself for all the pieces that are good and even what others think are not so good. To be who you should be. Adjust all the noise and love all the ways you are different. Comparing yourself to others is an exercise in futility. After all, the “status quo” is so boring! More tips here.

Cheers to 2020!

Thank you for a great year! We wish you 2020 and make Monday the first – but not the only – day of the week where you strive to be more, do more and enjoy more!

2020 will be better. Say it! Believe it. Now say it emotionally. Go Go go!

Leading image by Schwoaze from Pixabay