More awesome news about Universal’s cat cat

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Cats have never suffered a worse death. Even before Tom Hooper’s Andrew Lloyd Webber music exceeded $ 100 million and started in theaters, pop culture had already decided to refine cats.

The trailer was torn to shreds throughout the interwebs as the dazzling appearance of the feline proved to be more nightmare than fantastic. It has never recovered from bad buzz, and based on reviews, catastrophic box-office performance and public reaction, the Cats have been one of the most impressive creative and financial failures in recent years.

Even after the movie opened in theaters with great commentary and no spectacle, the news continues to worsen for Hooper’s ambitious failure.

No glory Oscar for cats

Universal received the message that no one would play Cats in their Oscars. A few years ago, the studio was placing the musician as a real candidate with a Christmas card, campaign plans and works.

The studio was either trying to save face or was completely delusional about the end result. Now, they have risen up and stopped sending a fool to try to get awards interest for voters.

Even for an original song written by Webber and star Taylor Swift, the studio gave up, according to Variety. Universal has rejected the “for your thoughts” on cats, removing its reference from their FYC page.

It goes without saying that they have more confidence in 1917-like ones, we, and Queen & Slim.

A new, young cat

A few months ago it was debated whether cats would be ready in time for the prizes examination. The visual effects had not been completed in early December, so the first trailer we saw was a rough one.

The cats had no less scary or frustrating results in their final form, but Hooper and the VFX team were still having fun until their first day. Beyond opening weekend, in an unprecedented move, Universal has sent new versions of Cats with more polished visual effects to theaters. Talk about a hopeless hail.

James Corden has not even seen cats

When a movie is a dud, at least filmmakers can usually count on a cast to promote a movie as best they can. Few associated with cats come out and screaming it gets a raw deal from the public and critics, however, because it is not.

Not even late at night, James Corden pretends everything is fine with the Cats. She got involved in the film and it looked absolutely scary. While at the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, Corden did not cover the Cat reception.

“I’ve heard it’s terrible,” he said brokenly. “I haven’t seen it. I’ll catch it one day, I imagine.” One person who saw the film, however, is Evan Rachel Wood, who had a field day with him.

“It was actually worse than I thought it would be,” he wrote. Most actors do not make public films or presentations, as you never know who is listening and is not usually a great show, but with cats, no one will look bad in dragging the mud.

A silver lining?

If there is a silver lining for the Cats, it gets reactions. People talk. We might not be talking about what Hooper was expecting, but still, it was a big part of pop culture in 2019 before it even came out.

For all the wrong reasons, cats are quite an achievement in this respect. The sheer horror and confusion the Cats have caused has been great fun.

There are people in the world who enjoy the movie as a big piece of WTF level camp, and at least, that’s better than no one enjoys the movie at all.