More US voters than ever depend on the climate – but will they vote? | environment


According to a new poll from the Environmental Voter project, voters are growing in the top priority list.

Of the registered voters, 14% were identified as “tackling climate change and protecting the environment” as their number one priority over all other issues, compared to 2% to 6% before the 2016 presidential elections.

Climate and environmental voters are also the most motivated to vote in 2020 and said they are willing to wait an hour and 13 minutes in elections on average.

“There are nearly 30 million climate voters who are already registered for voting. It is a huge constituency, ”said Nathaniel Stinnett, the founder of a project to identify inactive environmentalists and turn them into consistent activists and voters.

“It’s like four times the number of NRA members. It is huge, and there has been a huge growth over the last two to three years. “


In 2016, 200 million voters were registered in the United States. If 14% of voters are most interested in climate and the environment, it is equal to 28 million people.

The survey compared survey responses to public voter records and found that rare voters were more important than climate and the environment.

This suggests that environmental advocates could benefit from having more voters focusing on climate change, with a few simple corrections, such as information campaigns on early voting and absenteeism. A quarter of the rare voters did not know that they could vote early, and 29% did not realize that they could vote for the absence. Voting by post could also increase the participation of voters in the environment.

An online poll of 1,514 registered voters also found that people dramatically over-report how often they vote – 89% of registered voters claimed to vote in all or nearly all presidential elections, but only 59% actually voted. This exaggerated news shows that people want to be perceived as good voters and that social pressure can encourage them to participate.

The survey also confirmed that while Donald Trump is unpopular with most Americans, his supporters are the most reliable voters.

These new figures support the democrats’ efforts to integrate the climate crisis into their platforms, as was shown in the last debate.

Almost a third of the identified “very progressive” voters identified climate and the environment as their main problem.

Last week Bernie Sanders spoke on the race on climate change. Elizabeth Warren said that progress on climate would not happen without reforms aimed at tackling corruption. Joe Biden said fossil fuel displaced people will be able to switch to high-paying green jobs.

However, other issues still most affect climate change in the minds of most voters. If health care is forced to choose the highest priority of voters. Climate change falls to fourth place after improving the economy, creating jobs and repairing immigration. This is related to reducing gun violence and reducing taxes.