Mural by Scott Morrison for a holiday in Hawaii during bushfires painted over News of Australia


The mural of Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a Hawaiian garb with flames around him that appeared on the inner wall in Sydney was painted three days after it appeared.

Artist Scott Marsh released a photo of Chippendale on Tuesday – he said “Merry Crisis !!” via speech bubble – with Mr. Morrison – on Instagram.

Morrison was portrayed in a wall mask wearing an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, an orange lei, and a Santa Claus hat while holding a cocktail.

Red and black flames are rising high in the background.

It stems from the Prime Minister’s decision to suspend family holidays abroad in the US state last weekend to respond to the fire crisis.

“Focusing on Hawaii, when the country is literally in fire, is probably not really a big step in terms of leadership. I think public sentiment is fairly uniform everywhere, ”Marsh said on Tuesday.

Marsh said he finished the mural on Tuesday afternoon. On Friday, a video was posted on his Facebook page to show a wall painting that returns the wall stain to gray.

“There is always a risk of someone attacking and painting. It’s a shame he did, because I think many people enjoyed it,” Marsh said Friday.

Kosice and print editions of the mural were released for sale with all the profits to get into RFS, he announced on Facebook on Tuesday.

So far, more than $ 15,000 has been raised, which can be divided into fires, Marsh said.

The response to the mural was positive, he said.

“They’re like, it’s true, it’s pretty much illustrating what happened and the frustration of many people,” Marsh said.

He believes Morrison may be happy that the mural was stretched.

“I don’t think he likes it,” he said.

“Many murals will attack, and in fact it will eventually amplify the message, as many more people have heard of it,” Marsh said.

Tim Ross
(@ Modernister50)

It is a pity.

27 December 2019

“But they also have online and digital life as well as physical life.”

“As for this mural, we’ve already done some special things about the money that was raised, so I can’t be disappointed with it.”

Morrison returned to work last Sunday, admitting he might have been wrong on vacation.

The Prime Minister told the Australians that he was angry at being away in the last bushfire crisis: “I apologize for that.”

Lives were lost and hundreds of homes destroyed this fire season in NSW, South Australia and Queensland.