National Cathedral discovers 5,000 N95 masks kept in basement for 10 years

National Cathedral discovers 5,000 N95 masks kept in basement for 10 years

According to the Washington National Cathedral, the stone mason has forgotten to load for more than a decade in a basement on Wednesday, and has found 5,000 medical masks. The church is currently donating them to medical institutions that desperately need them to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The National Cathedral, where many American leaders were praised and worshiped, tweeted about its discoveries after employees found them. The cathedral sent part of the mask to Medstar Georgetown University Hospital and the rest to Children’s National Hospital.

“Seek and you will obviously find it,” said the Twitter account of the National Cathedral. Today, @WNCathedral sent @Ned masks to @MedStarGUH and 2000 to @ChildrensNatl after the mason found a forgotten stash in the cathedral basement. Certified by the manufacturer as still good. ”

Seek and ye must obviously find.

Today, @WNCathedral sent @MedStarGUH a 3000 N95 mask and @ChildrensNatl a 2000 mask after Stone Mason found a forgotten stash in the cathedral basement. The certification by the manufacturer is still good.

— March 25, 2020, Washington National Cathedral [@WNCathedral]

When Twitter users asked why they were stored in the basement in the first place, the church tweeted. Pandemic. “

Medstar Georgetown University Hospital thanked the donation to the National Cathedral.

“Community is active. Today @WNCathedral donated 3,000 N95 masks to our hospital. Your support is very important and deeply appreciated. #ThankYou”, says Twitter account .

Hospitals across the United States are facing a shortage of needed medical supplies, especially N95 masks. The N95 mask is a respirator that removes particles from the air breathed from it. Due to the shortage of doctors and nurses, they are required to wear makeshift medical equipment to protect themselves in the form of Halloween masks and ski googles. TV shows, businesses, and households are helping to mitigate shortages by donating and even making supplies.

With the number of cases of COVID-19 nationwide rapidly approaching 70,000, leaders need to work on how to limit American life and slow its spread.

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