Nearly one million Irish passports issued record – breaking in World News


The country’s government announced that in 2019 almost one million Irish passports were issued.

This figure represents a new record and represents a 7% increase over 2018. Simon Coveney, Irish Foreign Minister, said: “2019 was another year of crashes for Passport Service. In 2019, the award-winning Passport Online [Service] was extended to the first applicants in Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK and Europe. Irish citizens, including children, can also renew their passports online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and anywhere in the world. “

In 2019, more than 900 000 Irish travel documents were issued. During peak periods, more than 5,800 applications were submitted from around the world in one day. In January, March, April and May, total monthly applications continued to record record and exceeded 100,000.

Brexit caused a sharp increase in demand for Irish citizens living in England, Scotland and Wales. All citizens living in Northern Ireland are entitled to an Irish passport.

Coveney added: “The Irish passport is a valuable document and we are continuing to strengthen all processes to prevent fraud and preserve its integrity and security.”

Helen McEntee, Minister of State for European Affairs, said that the innovation shown in the passport service has made the application more convenient than ever, while enhancing the integrity and security of the Irish passport.

“The award-winning Passport Service Customer Center, founded in January this year, can handle 10,000 questions per week through its telephone and webchat system, ensuring the smoothest possible processing of citizens’ requests. I look forward to further developing this excellent service in 2020 for the benefit of Irish citizens here and abroad. “

The historic links between the United Kingdom and Ireland have meant that Britain has a permanent place in Irish emigration annals, with the children and grandchildren of Irish citizens eligible for an Irish passport.

Interest in obtaining Irish passports has increased since the referendum on EU membership due to airport concerns and the loss of many other rights related to citizenship, including access to the European Health Insurance Card to cover holiday health insurance and the Erasmus University system. .

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