Netflix reduces the quality of video in Canada to reduce internet bandwidth

Netflix reduces the quality of video in Canada to reduce internet bandwidth

Netflix has reduced the number of good movies for its Canadian subscribers as it tries to reduce the demand for internet news as well as the region’s QHID-19 outbreak.

The streaming giant said it reported changes on Thursday that were designed to reduce its data traffic by 25 percent as internet service providers are associated with an increase. high in user activity.

The low bandwidth streams of the Netflix service should still send the same version of any plan, the company said, whether it’s ultra-high definition 4K, high definition or standard definition.

Ken Florance, senior vice president for key points at the announcement on Thursday, “We believe this will provide significant support for the interconnection and will send it to Canada. for the next 30 days ”.

The move comes as consulting firms see a significant increase in bandwidth when Canadians independently split at home and use video services more frequently than usual.

Bell Media said it plans its own streaming service for Crave streaming services, which includes programs from HBO and Showtime. A well-established mobile communications company will offer lower-quality streaming content than Netflix.

The company said in a statement on Thursday, “Crave is not planning to reduce the stream of some of its equipment,”

The Crave 1080p and 4K streams will be reduced to 720p on Android mobile devices, Chromecast, and Apple products including its Apple TV, he noted.

Netflix previously reported bandwidth measurements in other sections of the past two weeks. Similar reductions in film quality have been made in Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand and some Latin American countries.

In a blog post last week, Florance explained that Netflix offers a high level of streaming quality for all subscriptions at all levels. Along with the changes, he said Netflix is ​​simply removing most of the cable, which results in a lower per capita stream.

Florance wrote at the time that “You are especially good at watching good video. You will find very little quality in the resolution. But you will still get good videos where you get paid for, “

“We are facing a global crisis, and we all have a responsibility to help where we can,” he added.

Other streaming companies have made changes in some areas to limit bandwidth.

YouTube announced similar changes to ease the stress of the internet marketplace earlier this week, while Disney Plus and Amazon’s Prime Video have announced bandwidth restrictions in Europe.

A Disney spokeswoman said streaming services are not planning to do the same in Canada at this time, while an Amazon spokeswoman did not immediately comment.

This report from the Canadian Press was first published on March 26, 2020.