New Orleans’ Star Rob Kerkovich explains why Sebastian and the full-time Team reactor won’t see him

NCIS: New Orleans

Considering the majority of reports received a hiatus due to Coronavirus infection (COVED-19), NCIS: New Orleans has given new years to make a much less difficult change . However, with a 6-point delay that is shorter than normal, the NOLA team may not be as effective.

In fact, he said, Forensic Field Agent Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich), joined the REACT (Regional Enforcement Action Capability Team). Some ask why he is working for Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) while doing the REACT. In fact, Kerkovich took to Twitter to explain why he thinks Sebastian is still helping Pride even with his hands full.

Rob Kerkovich wants to play Sebastian Lund in ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ for this reason

Travis West’s Bryce Collier and Rob Kerkovich as Forensic Scientist Sebastian Lund | Sam Lothridge / CBS on Getty Pictures

NCIS: New Orleans star Rob Kerkovich was part of the franchise in 2014. When the outgoing pilot was compared to his mother, NCIS, NOLA’s website was hacked for full time and Kerkovich signed on.

As one of the agents in the Dwayne Pride (Bakula) movement since the beginning, Kerkovich has a deeper understanding of his character. In a preliminary interview with Parade, Kerkovich revealed why he loves playing forensics.

“I want him to trust me. People always ask how I like him because we all share so much interest, in the language of nerd stuff, but I think Sebastian is much less jaded than I am, and I want to play that. He is great,

He continued as Sebastian’s self-proclaimed lover said, “Being new to the company, everyone wants it, wants to be the best.” “He really wants to prove himself to these guys, and I, naturally, want to prove myself the rest of the day.”

Here is why Sebastian Lund works for NCIS and REACT at the same time

Season 6 of NCIS: New Orleans follows Sebastian’s apprenticeship. Even though the rest of her team – Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito), doesn’t think she’ll stop, Sebastian interrupts.

Not only did Sebastian show that he was able to take part in the study, but also was a mentor at the time. He is hanging out with REACT worrying about how to do things right, especially since he is a strong supporter of the NCIS team.

The magician asked: “@RobKerkovich What did you do with an NCIS SWAT team? It seems that you have been accepted, but you are back with the NCIS team. Looking at the show and thinking about what happened (maybe I did ?!) ”

Kerkovich described the best response he had ever seen.

“Most people have asked for this. My experience as a REACT is as a volunteer firefighter. Sebastian is still working on his “day job”, but can now call on anyone to get help with REACT.

For now, Sebastian is a character and pulls the second act in two big groups. The big question is, how long can he do better for both and not sacrifice his life?

Kerkovich is hosting an Instagram Live party this season with a new twist

Lovers were treated to a special presentation during March 16 at NCIS: New Orleans when Kerkovich took to Instagram to answer questions when avoiding wigs and accessories drink or both.

Some say that the flow of life is aided by “anxiety.”

“What a wonderful time! You have to do it every week, “someone said.” For direct translation. Nice one, Slim, “said the expert.” Hello !! Had a great time. “more voices call.

It’s unclear how things will go with the Season 6 finale, but at least Kerkovich will console us.

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