New York closes several streets to fight the coronavirus

New York closes several streets to fight the coronavirus

New York City will close several streets to try to combat the spread of the Chinese coronavirus, as the number of cases in the city continues to lead the country.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said Wednesday that vehicular traffic will be prohibited on the following streets from Friday, March 27 to Monday, March 30: Manhattan’s Park Ave, between 28 and 34, Brookwick’s Bushwick Ave, Johnson to Flushing , Queens ’34. Ave, 73rd St to 80th St, and the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, between E. Burnside and 184th. The governor said NYPD agents patrol the areas to ensure that pedestrians follow measures of social distance. The city may close additional streets in the coming days.

Governor Cuomo also said that the state could close parks and playgrounds.

“The plan is to pilot the closing of streets in New York City because we have much less traffic in New York City. We have a lot less vehicles in New York City, “the governor told reporters at a news conference in Albany. “People want to walk. They want to go outside and catch some air. You want a less dense area, so the driver closes streets for cars, opening pedestrian streets. “

The White House Coronavirus Task Force on Tuesday asked people to leave New York City for 14 days. President Donald Trump said the city has become the “hot spot” in the country for deadly illness.

“We are deeply concerned about New York City and the New York Subway,” said Dr. Deborah Birx, the task force’s response coordinator. Birx said that approximately 56% of cases in the United States and 31% of deaths are in the city.

30,000 people have tested positive for coronaviruses in New York and 17,856 in New York. 285 have died from the virus.