New York Coronavirus Factors Reached “Apocalyptic” Heights

New York Coronavirus Factors Reached

Less than a month ago, on February 29, the United States recorded its first death from a new disease. On Wednesday, the nation’s dead 1,000. That has been the worst case since the death of the coronavirus in the United States so far, as the country spreads outbreaks and infected 223 lives a day.

The massive increase in the number of deaths and deaths, which are expected to increase in the coming weeks, is a serious danger to imports from the United States, which the State Department The World Health Organization has warned this week to continue to build a global community. of epidemics everywhere. The United States has a “massive epidemic,” W.H.O. he said on Tuesday, “and the phenomenon is being used extensively.”

The nation is now struggling because of a “rush” in the outbreak more than New York City, where hospitals have become more depressed in the service of COVID-19 . The doctor at the Elmhurst Hospital in Queens told the New York Times after the clinic documented 13 coronavirus deaths Tuesday. As of Thursday, the city had reported 37,258 confirmed cases of COVID and 385 deaths. The rapid increase, which was only thought to be detrimental, is now threatening to weaken the immune system as the disease has been spreading in places like Italy. , the worst case of coronavirus infection in any country in the world – including China, the virus was first diagnosed late last year. The mattress was already filled in, forcing some people in New York City to sit in the seats. Equipment, like the ventilator required for monitoring patients with severe symptoms of the disease, is limited. And the short-term protective gear for health care workers, who have been particularly susceptible to the disease in other countries thanks to their high prevalence of the virus, has been on the rise. emergency measures in New York and across the country, including inpatients in public hospitals. wear luggage as a safety gear. Officials have warned that what is happening in New York will soon happen elsewhere in the country. “We are your future,” said the New York Mayor Andrew Cuomo said in a brief interview Tuesday. “New York is a canary in coal mines.”

Existing conditions are growing, with populations in California, Washington, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, and Louisiana. Despite the differing measures announced by local governments in some states and cities, including closure, hospitals across the country have been urging the intervention of patients, who are coming back. voluntarily affecting the country’s health to its breaking point. “It’s a big concern for everyone,” Richard Wunderink, a clinical director at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, told The Washington Post. Like any other hospital in the United States, Northwestern is making the decision to not end the patient’s rights to prevent medical staff and potentially cost more people have the best chance of survival. Wunderink added, “These are some of the reasons we have had a lot of communication with families, and I think they are aware of the serious situation.”

The government is planning to issue a law that will provide a wide range of services to community officers and hospitals on pre-existing diseases, as well as financial assistance for families and businesses. copy affected by it. Measures taken by state and local governments to curb may have some impact; Cuomo said on Wednesday that community differences seem to be some of the slowest of the problem in New York. “The arrow was taken in the right direction,” he said. But everything still feels worse before they get any better, with Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted in the future in April or early May. By that time, treatment seemed to be over, continuing the efforts to combat the crisis.

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