New York Governor Andrew Cuomo responds to the stimulus bill: “I think it’s reckless”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo responds to the stimulus bill:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday that a stimulus bill passed the Senate to provide American relief during the Coronavirus crisis helped unemployment insurance and SMEs but did little to help local or state governments He said he didn’t.

State and municipal governments say what is happening is a “double blow”-coupled with rising costs from viruses, taxes are not paid while businesses are closed and people lose their jobs Earnings are lost because of.

According to Cuomo, the estimated revenue loss in New York is estimated to be between $ 10 billion and $ 15 billion. He said the state government would receive $ 5 billion under the stimulus bill, which would only be allocated to COVID-19 expenses.

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“In my opinion, Congressional action has simply failed to address the needs of government,” he said.

“I’m disappointed,” he said. “I think it’s irresponsible. I think it’s reckless.”

“It’s an extraordinary time for the country and an extraordinary time for the government,” Cuomo said. “It was time to set aside politics and set aside partyism. This is when government leaders stop making excuses and just do your job. Do your job. We Is a country. “

Following talks between White House officials and Minority Senator Chuck Schumer, a $ 2 trillion bailout bill was passed 96-0 in the Senate on Wednesday. It expands unemployment insurance, provides direct payments to most Americans, and includes hundreds of billions of dollars in loans and grants to businesses, hospitals, state and local governments, and more.

The bill is likely to be approved by a vote in the lower house.

Currently, more than 30,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been identified in New York State.

-Grace Segers contributed to this report.

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