Nigerian Sun is issuing strange warnings about ‘homosexuals’


Kenya’s LGBT + support outside the Nigerian High Commission in 2014 (Simon Maina / AFP / Getty)

The Sun newspaper in Nigeria has published a diatribe on the rise of sadistic and hard-working “criminals”.

Nigeria is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for LGBT + people. Homosexuality is punishable by up to 14 years in prison or the death penalty under Sharia law, and even discussing LGBT + rights is a crime.

Yesterday’s column in The Sun Nigeria – unrelated to Richard Murdoch’s News Corp tabloid – shamelessly complains that it is threatening many young homosexuals “.

Starting with a “strong confession” of a homosexual who is known to be a sex worker, the unnamed author begins to say that “the horrible sin committed by sick men is expanding around him like tar, pulling more young men”.

This article confirms that homosexuality is a common practice among teenage boys in boarding schools, which they now consider to be normal.

The problem with this, beyond the “wildfire” he is targeting, is that “those with this condition wear a large coat like babies due to the recent damage done”. It seems.

From an unofficial quote from a young creative activist who claims to be “practicing magic”, the author goes into detail about the relationship between young boys and their “homosexual”.

Another anonymous ‘confession’ from a former student stems from a comparison between homosexuality and homosexuality, saying that he was sexually abused by his uncle when he was a child and “gave” this to his friends.

A man posing for LGBT + massacres during a march to Weep Day, commemorating the lives lost to the brutal massacre and mass exile (STEFAN HEUNIS / AFP / Getty)

“From that night on I found out about homosexuality,” the book states. “When I came home from school, I would quietly try on the bed I worked for and it worked. My ex-wife became my wife.”

Perhaps most surprising is the role devoted to understanding how “homosexual men seem to be seen in public” – though it should be noted that their “popular” pink color “often sells them”.

As an example of the hypocrisy that gay men claim to be acquainted with, a writer tells the story of a handsome shepherd who met a “fellow criminal” in a shop.

“As soon as I looked at the shopkeeper, the demonic power of communication came in contact with our back and he pushed me to prove his allegiance as heterosexual,” the pastor said.

Once she has established herself as a girl during her monthly time, when she makes a certain appearance as a girl, be on the alert.

The article concludes: “You will not find ‘masculine’ inscriptions on the face, but when you see your child dressed in pink, shaved, in shape and produced his eyebrows; his movements would change; when his language changes; When she has one side of her buttocks, when she looks like a girl at the end of the month, when she makes a certain statement as a girl, be very careful. ”

This tragic story reflects the views of 98 percent of Nigerians, who believe that homosexuality should not be publicly acknowledged, but that arrests and abuses are fine.