Nova fashion is associated with bad subcontractors

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Nova fashion is in the spotlight, following the NY Times that illuminate the company’s submarine: because it’s supposed to produce clothes in the hands of hired subcontractors. The companies paid the sewers just $ 2.77 an hour.

Fast Fashion, A-List Celebrity Style

Fashion Nova’s ‘fast fashion’ marketing strategy allows the company to produce a new look within 48 hours at its LA plants rather than in delivery-delivery.

Dreamy forms of the brand and partnerships with A-list celebrities such as Cardi B and influences have started the company from the obscurity of the fashion world to the eyes of millions on social media.

And the founder of Fashion Nova, Richard Saghian, noticed massive, inexpensive high-end clothing, satisfying online customers.

Saghian told the Times that “they have to buy many different styles and probably only wear them twice so that their Instagram feeds stay fresh.”

Low prices at cost

The brand’s low points and sleek looks have helped socialize, as a dress can cost $ 24 or less.

Work Center Manager Marisa Nuncio told ABC7 that low price points make it impossible for employees to pay adequate pay because labor costs are not calculated.

“At the moment, it is not a factor in the real reality. They do not calculate the actual cost of labor in their profit margins and ask workers and consumers to accept it,” says Nuncio.

And the US Department of Labor found that dozens of Fashion Nova subcontracted plants were owed $ 3.8 million in back salaries to hundreds of workers.

“Clothes are too expensive for what they pay us”: Worker-paid clothing sector

Mercedes Cortes sewing at a factory in Los Angeles. Courtesy: Jessica Pons of the New York Times

Mercedes Cortes, 56, cut her Fashion Nova clothes at a factory near the company’s Vernon, California offices.

He said, “There were cockroaches. There were rats. The conditions were not good.”

The US Department of Labor found that more than half of the country’s sewing shops violated minimum wage and overtime laws. 75% of US garment factories violated health and safety laws.

The sewing company Coco Love paid 4 minutes for each sleeve, 5 cents for each seam and 8 cents for the neckline.

Ms Cortes noticed the $ 12 tags and said “the clothes are too expensive for what they pay us.” According to the Times, she earned $ 270 a week, which equates to $ 4.66 an hour.

In 2016, he left Coco Love and reached a $ 5,000 deal.

Nova fashion says it is not responsible for bad workers

Responding to these conclusions, a spokeswoman for Fashion Nova said: “Any suggestion that Fashion Nova is responsible for undermining those who work for our brand is categorically false.”

The company said it met with the Ministry of Labor to ensure that anyone associated with the brand is paid fairly.

“We already have an extremely productive and positive meeting with the Ministry of Labor, in which we discussed our continued commitment to ensuring that all employees involved with the Fashion Nova brand are adequately compensated for the work they do,” said Fashion Nova.

But with a culture that endorses each other with the digital currency of sympathy that each position receives, those affected will continue to pay the down-front costs so that companies keep their price points low.