NYS President John Flanagan will not seek re-election

NYS President John Flanagan will not seek re-election

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After serving nine times in the Senate and eight terms in the Assembly, New York Senate President John Flanagan announced he would not seek a vote for the upcoming term.

Flanagan announced in Wenezde’s statement. He said he felt that he was “making the best decisions for me and my family.”

You can read its description below:

“For nearly 34 years I have been privileged, honored and distinguished as an elected official in the New York State legislature. The opportunity to serve the public in everything in my adult life has gone through all aspects of my life, so it is with great confidence and today that I will not seek election to the New York State Legislature. Most of the emotions I now have in this decision-making process are realizing that I am making the best decisions for me and my family.

My work has been over 30 years and 16 years of service with eight terms in the New York State Assembly and 18 years in nine programs in the New York State Senate. I have seen some of the good people in my dedicated life in my life this time, and it reminds me of why New York State is unique – because of its people, but in government. He is still convinced that New York is a State Empire and will be many, many years to come.

The timing of this announcement is not the best, but I do so now because of the obstacles to the political calendar leading our elections. Our state is very clear in times of crisis and now more than ever we need leaders to guide our public policy as good taxpayers and local governments. I am determined to apply the same diligence and excellence as the Leader of our Conference Conference as I have been since Leader was appointed in 2015. We have invited the highest level candidates in the state, but ensure that our Meetings. right to succeed. I look forward to continuing to be a part of the process as the Conferencenavigates are strong and tackle budget problems and finalize our legislative efforts. The people who live in the developed world need not look too young.

When I was elected to the New York State Assembly at the age of 25, I would never have imagined the unique opportunities that have been going on for the past 32 years. The gifts and opportunities that my colleagues have chosen to serve as the Chief Executive Officer are a test that I will always want, and I know that this position brings great responsibility to work for the improvement of all New Yorkkers. It is in fact going to be the basis for all my thoughts and actions as the Leader of the Republican Assembly in the Senate today. Working with my fellow Republicans, we have advocated for important issues in the area and have a real difference as legislators who care deeply about the public service and the people we represent.

Thank you to my family, friends, colleagues and residents of New York City for my constant support and for giving me another opportunity and opportunity in my life. ”