On the second lock day, basic goods get better, but the deficit raises prices – business news

People queue to buy groceries and vegetables outside a store at Delhi’s Sitaram Bazaar on day 2 of the three week nationwide lockdown to check the spread of coronavirus.

On Thursday, Day 2 of the 21-day closing, the supply of basic products was better than on Wednesday, although there were complaints about shortages of medicines, milk, vegetables and a sharp fall in prices of basic foodstuffs due to supply constraints. , Police continued to arrest and book people who came out in violation of lockdown regulations.

While Amul (Gujarat Gujarat Milk Marketing Federation) and Mother Dairy, in separate statements, stated that their supply in most locations was equal to normal days, smaller dairy companies expressed concern over supply disruptions if the shortage of raw materials and workers continued in lack of passes per hour.

Milk supply in cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Patna and Lucknow could be affected by falling supplies from villages. Local district officials said police were being issued instructions for vehicles transporting milk from the village to local milk collection centers.

“According to our information, the milk supply from the village was smaller today and we only have seven days of coal supplies needed for milk processing. If the situation continues, it will be difficult to bring milk to the cities,” said DV Ghanekar, director of Gokul Milk. which supplies millions of liters of milk daily in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

In cities like Delhi, Dehradun and Mumbai, the wholesale agricultural market for agricultural products started operating on Thursday, albeit with reduced inflows of fruits and vegetables. There were also very few workers who unloaded several trucks that arrived.

Vishal Sethia, a wholesaler in Mumbai, said: “Panic ensued and many workers went to their villages. Only one-sixth of the workforce I applied for today. “

More trucks and fruit arrived in Delhi’s fruit and vegetable market in Delhi (as of Wednesday), though the volume of vehicles was not large due to restrictions on the mobility of fruit and vegetable suppliers, market agents said.

There was no supply of milk and bread in Goa because of the complete lock.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s planned delivery of food, including milk, to the home has proved undisturbed. For Panaji, which has a population of 150,000, only three telephone numbers for home delivery of milk are listed.

“I’m also careful about the fact that people don’t get things on time. It will take us about two days to put in place the systems,” Sawant said. However, residents approached the Bombay High Court in Goa seeking guidance from the state government to secure supplies of essential goods.

In Punjab and Chandigarh, the administration reported that they had received requests for curfew permits for calling the barber shop back home, to take dogs for a morning walk, and from VIPs seeking police passes for their armed and cooks. The Punjab government, in a statement, stated that most of the essential goods are being delivered appropriately.

In Odisha, Bhubaneswar’s main vegetable market, which operates in a congested area, was moved to a thoroughfare with traders and customers who were asked to line up while maintaining distance. State police have also launched a line to assist truck drivers who transport essential goods in the event of problems.

In Uttarkand, the state government has started home delivery of food and medicine for senior citizens and students, who are living alone. The government also announced that it would soon inform regulations that traders dealing with basic items would be penalized for objecting to price hikes from various parts of the country. The state also issued orders that all essential goods also be sold in fair-price stores. The state government also assured the people that they had stocks of legumes and grains for three months.

In Jharkhand and Bihar, people were facing problems in procuring gas cooking tanks and there was a rush at local bottle distribution centers. To prevent chaos, two governments announced the delivery of domestic LPG bottles. Ranchi management has also released phone numbers and mobile apps for meal and vegetable delivery on the doorstep.

In Assam, one of the few states to report no positive Covid-19 cases, the state government has set up a quarantine of 1,000 beds at the Sausajai Stadium in Guwahati; it is similar to another stadium in the city. The government has also leased a housing complex near quarantine that can house nearly 200 doctors. It will start operating in the next few days. Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said there were no shortages of essential goods in the state.

The Indian Industry Confederation, in a letter to the Consumer Ministry, said that there were ambiguities in lockdown orders issued by various local authorities and that the term food was not clearly defined, resulting in a lower supply of items such as floor cleaners and toiletries and oral hygiene services products like toothpaste and toothbrush.

“As you know, it is at this point that personal and household hygiene has become extremely important in the fight against Covid 19,” the letter said, asking the state for clarification.

(With inputs from government offices)

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