‘Outlander’ Star Sophie Skelton says “Never let go” After reports of Su UK death

'Outlander' Star Sophie Skelton says

Fear and depression have been the subject of discussion throughout the COVID-19 run, and Sophie Skelton is trying her best to reduce that pain.

The “Outlander” fashion designer revealed a biography of her life in an Instagram post. In it, he talked about buying a five-minute series of five of the most “useful and useful” things in the world.

“It promised me little things in my life,” Skelton said. “Things that I often miss. My eyes are opened to the small, sometimes unimportant, things in the world and the world that can bring great joy.”

Skelton’s response was in response to stories like this in Metro UK of a 19-year-old girl in Norfolk, England, who tried to kill and later died in response to a possible UK to prevent COVID-19 increase.

“I wanted to share it,” Skelton said.

He mentioned the surprises in his post that when he was in New York City alone in 2019, he bought the newspaper and explained how to write down the daily goodwill of the day. individual life can contribute to new thinking.

“Each day, in the morning, write down three things that you appreciate, three things that will improve that day, and a confirmation about yourself each day,” that you wrote it. “On the last day, you write down 3 amazing things that happened that day, and something you can do to improve the world.”

Skelton ended his memoir with a number of words encouraging fans about finding their own way to prevent cancer. He recognizes fans around the world “because they care about you.”

“Please do not refuse.”

Sophie Skelton returns to the premiere for “Outlander” Season 5 at the Hollywood Palladium on Feb. 13 2020. Photo Credit: Michael Kovac / Finding Pictures for STARZ

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