Paranoid Calls Police Development with Coronavirus, Snitches too

Paranoid Calls Police Development with Coronavirus, Snitches too


Call it the growing fear of coronavirus, or of insane people – but cops get strange, paranoid and even disturbing phone calls.

The origins of law enforcement in L.A. tell TMZ … a major upheaval of these strange calls started after California Newsom by Gov. issued the “stay home” order last week – an order that many take very seriously

For example … people tell you to call in to report to neighbors for exercise in their yard or just to eat outside. Some are mourning their neighbors or nearby businesses because gardeners and landowners will still show up to work on their properties.

The truth is, such activities are not illegal, but some L.A. residents clearly annoyed them. The garden is considered a “vital activity” in some cases when it contributes to sanitation requirements, but not if it is only when the homeowner’s hedges are cut.

Other snitching calls from fighters who are socially isolated, so to speak. We refer to people who report people playing basketball outside the park, meeting multiple outside groups or companies with more than 10 employees continuing in the office.

Afterwards, there was COVID-19 paranoia calling for reports of coughing neighbors. Worse … the police told us that there was a call to check on 2 people sitting on a cough bench.

The point is, as many new restrictions are put into place this week to encourage Los Angelenos to stop gathering to beaches, parks and hiking trails – most residents seriously request the quarantine.

Probably a lot, because we were told by the police that he was also getting a lot of calls from people asking for a permit to go outside.

That’s not bad at all – just follow the guidance people.