Park Joo Ho’s family welcomes their third child

Park Joo Ho's family welcomes their third child

Gun Hoo and Na Eun now have a baby brother!

On January 16, Anna posted a photo of the family’s third child on Instagram. She wrote in the caption: “01.13.2020 Hello baby Park.” She also wished her husband, Park Joo Ho a happy birthday.

At the KBS Entertainment Awards 2019 on December 21, Park Joo Ho made the exciting announcement that his wife was pregnant with their third child. The producer of “The Return of Superman” Kang Bong Kyu later said that they had known about the pregnancy for some time, and he also shared that Anna had gone to Switzerland to give birth.

Park Joo Ho and his family have appeared on the popular KBS reality show “The Return of Superman” since 2018.

A source for “The Return of Superman” told Newsen, “We have heard of the birth of their third child from Park Joo Ho.” They added, “The production team congratulates them on a safe birth. We look forward to the day when the third child appears on television. “

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