Paul McCartney tells John Lennon to tell the rapper ‘Wash their customers on The Beatles’

Paul McCartney tells John Lennon to tell the rapper 'Wash their customers on The Beatles'

If you are looking for a Beatle who respects the British royal family and can be counted on to say the right thing at the right time, John Lennon is not your man. For several years John explained that he would not shoot the sister, beginning with the return of his MBE to Queen Elizabeth in 1969.

But even before the Beatlemania, John wanted to take some hits when the Fab Four performed at the Royal Variety Show 1963. “I’m a bit scared, but I want to say something to rebel and that’s the best thing I can do. ”

Before embarking on “Twist and Shout,” John was quiet with the microphone and asked for the public’s help. “People will probably jump in chairs that are in your hands,” he said. “And the rest is if you just collect your jewelry.”

While the Queen’s Bride and the rest of the crowd are actively embracing John’s flight, something is taking hold of the rest of The Beatles’ main cast. According to a longtime Beatles professor, John made his prediction just as bold as Paul McCartney’s.

Paul McCartney was presented to John Lennon to tell about his humor

John Lennon of The Beatles presents The Prince of Wales Museum in London for The Royal Variety Command Performance the next day, 4 November 1963. | Roy Illingworth / Mirrorpix / photography

The Beatles often search here, Everywhere (2006) by Geoff Emerick for a behind-the-scenes look at the band that worked on their famous record. But Emerick offered to give fans something in return. To choose Emerick’s ear for the collection, he also included a large number in his classic book.

An excellent example is presented at Emerick and a series of events were “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “This Boy” in October ’63. On that day, while working on these pages, The Beatles were taught that they would perform the upcoming show of success for the royal family.

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According to Emerick, this team enjoys playing a variety of games, as it is a sign of their success. And he remembers John pretending to announce the surprise move to shake up the party when they held the party.

While he was fixing the phone, Emerick said he had heard that John was working on his line about spice. “Paul’s answer is ridiculous” I was scared of him! ‘”Emerick wrote. When John announced his humble service to the Queen a few weeks later, Emerick didn’t have much to say.

John suggested going further, says Geoff Emerick

November 4, 1963: Elizabeth Elizabeth Speaks The Queen’s History (1900-2002) to speak with The Beatles after a Royal Exhibition. | George Freston / Beautiful Pictures / George Pictures

While Emerick seized on that key point of the conversation between John and Paul, he spoke to the sources and threatened to take over his job. Or it may not be like Beatles’ right-hand man Brian Epstein on the day of the show.

“I heard later that Lennon was still pursuing Brian in the back country,” Emerick wrote. Hearing him say to the public to pull off their f * cking culture. Needless to say, Brian was horrified, asking John not to say that. “

In the end, John was safe. George Harrison recalls thinking that John had planned his baby well before. “I think he spent some time thinking about what he could say,” George said in Anthology. “I didn’t think this was a visit.”

This story opens the story of Emerick. (Some have been questioned by the inventors of the technology.) But in terms of Emerick it takes John and Paul to sound right. He described John as “the evil boy, the rebel” and Paul “the oppressor,” though no one was willing to say such a thing. For one thing, Paul McCartney was supported in 1997.

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