Peter MacKay chases a Pyrrhic victory

Peter MacKay chases a Pyrrhic victory

Andrew MacDougall: Even though the planet is shutting down to combat a pandemic, why is Peter MacKay plowing ahead with his Conservative leadership bid?

Has Peter MacKay dropped his thoughts?

To be truthful, loads of individuals are getting rid of it about the coronavirus. But only Peter MacKay is losing it by losing sight of the virus itself. Mackay is virtually the only Canadian pretending the virus is not upending totally almost everything. “Elections Canada is preparing for an election. We really should be far too. The leadership race can not be delayed,” MacKay tweeted past night time. 

Where to begin? To contact it tone deaf would be to insult each individual unsuccessful Canadian Idol contestant, even the guy who did not make it out of the parking great deal in that audition in Whitehorse in 2005. To get in touch with it silly would be to elevate Donald Trump to Mensa heights. It would be the one most ratioed tweet ever on Twitter if only folks could be arsed to ratio Peter MacKay. 

“Cannot be delayed.” Definitely? Due to the fact almost everything else is. Total nations are on lockdown. Sports leagues the earth over have halted their video games. Even the terribly bent IOC have straightened out, found the light, and postponed this summer’s Olympic online games in Tokyo. And we’re intended to believe that the Conservative Party leadership is the one particular thing this environment can’t do devoid of in this time of intense strain? What does MacKay feel he is? Booze? Netflix?

In the meantime, out in this article in the actual globe, just quick of a million Canadians applied for EI last week as overall industries shut down. Crisis rooms are seizing and crucial supplies are functioning out since we have given some of our outlets absent to China (without having getting a Spavor and Kovrig in return). The Trudeau government, supported by the opposition, has just rushed an $82 billion reduction bundle through the Residence and Senate. The Health and fitness Minister is even mandating isolation less than the Quarantine Act for persons returning from abroad. Points could not be more actual. 

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And into this twister of critical blows MacKay’s tweet. Memo to Peter: the only thing people today should really be preparing for now is the extensive, hard road in advance. You know, the a person men and women have been stripping Costco cabinets to provision for. Which is correct, this is an eight litre ketchup crisis.

Could it be that MacKay in fact thinks Elections Canada and Justin Trudeau are secretly plotting a excursion to the polls? If so, to do what? Capitalize on their enormous and entirely unseen polling guide? Use the worst financial shock because the Good Depression to cynically check out for a bulk governing administration? You may well believe inadequately of Trudeau and his group but they are not suicidal. Perfectly, other than Pablo Rodriguez, who thinks now is the time to cry for Bombardier although publishing heroic images of himself on Twitter. And, guaranteed, Group Trudeau did go a little bit nuts with their sick-assumed out grab for crisis powers, but the sturdy opposition to that overreach forced a fast climbdown. 

And you know who did that? Some people named Andrew Scheer, Candice Bergen and Pierre Poilievre, between some others. Which is proper, even with Peter MacKay’s insistence there is some quick must-fill void, there are essentially people in Ottawa minding the shop. And individuals men and women will continue on to do the job no matter how extensive the Conservative leadership race finishes up using.   

To which MacKay may possibly rebut: yeah, but Ryan Leef thinks I’m seriously very hot sh*t. Oh hold out, he actually did say that. That is right, as a assortment of Parliamentarians stayed up all evening debating an epic reduction package deal (though staying 2m apart at all instances), anyone in Workforce MacKay looked at the rollout calendar and believed yesterday was the day to at last wheel out the coveted Leef endorsement. And no, Googling ‘Ryan Leef’ won’t make you treatment any extra than you now do not. 

The new pedal-to-the-metal solution from Staff MacKay suggests 1 of two factors (and maybe equally): they are concerned about Erin O’Toole about the longer haul (O’Toole has asked for a pause) or 2) they believe the full Conservative Party membership is made up of people dolts who were still out partying on Florida’s beaches for Spring Split. 

Possibly way, pushing for a speedier conclusion no make a difference the instances offers MacKay the appearance of placing himself just before both equally his party and his region. Which does not ring real to the Peter MacKay that I worked with in excess of a number of years in Ottawa. And even though it is truthful to say our PMO didn’t usually see eye-to-eye with MacKay and his workforce, we at the very least spoke the same language. The 2020 variation is now speaking in lunacy, if not outright tongues. 

So what is likely on?

I reckon MacKay is now accomplishing and expressing what he thinks the party membership would like to listen to, not what he thinks essentially ought to be finished. Possibly he or his advisors have been spooked into this new study course after shelling out the first half of the leadership marketing campaign attractive to the broader Canadian populace and viewing O’Toole attain momentum with the voting membership.   

The new MacKay reminds me of Michael Ignatieff all through his time as Liberal leader. ‘Iggy’ by no means seemed at ease as a politician. It generally appeared he was actively playing a function, doing what he believed a politician would say or do at any one moment, not what in fact necessary to be finished. And so it is with Mackay 2.020.

And even though the occasion also appears information to maintain partying like it is 2019, each it and MacKay want to be aware of chasing a Pyrrhic victory. A new leader does no fantastic if he’s burnt like toast. Right now, Canadians are involved about producing it as a result of a world pandemic. Also, they will don’t forget the men and women, enterprises and organizations who attempted to continue on as if nothing at all transpired. They will remember the people today who lost their minds.