Peter Webber and Kelly Flanagan were spotted together after their first degree

Peter Webber and Kelly Flanagan were spotted together after their first degree

Peter Bachelor’s season may have ended, but his love story doesn’t seem to be over yet. On Wednesday, March 15, Peter Webber was spotted with bachelor contestant Kelly in Chicago amid rumors that the couple reconnected after filming wrapped in the final season of the program. (The commotion turned to Peter and Clay for comment, but did not receive immediate responses.)

According to TMZ, they were taken during a trip “on the shore of Lake Michigan,” where the pilot was apparently “super flirty and very comfortable” with the lawyer, even lifting it on his shoulder at one point. Reality Steve also shared some pictures of Peter and Kelly on their Twitter day, where they were spotted hanging out with Dustin Kendrick – who appeared in Hannah Brown’s bachelorette season – and hanging out on the Chicago River tour.

“They were really from Marina Towers,” a source told E! News of Peter and Kelly’s estimated Chicago date. “They only seem to be walking around during the walk. Peter swayed and it seemed like, at one point, Kelly was in her lap.” Despite the pictures, E! He noted that it is unclear how much time the couple has spent together, as the state of Illinois is currently under an “stay at home” executive order, which encourages citizens to avoid public spaces and move away from one and a half feet away during fears of the Koronov virus.

Shortly after the photos were posted on social media, Mykena Dorn – who also contended for Peter’s affection for the bachelor – seemed to have saved the potential new couple for not practicing socializing. “Guess they didn’t get the scheduling quarantined,” commented the fashion blogger on Brett S.’s Instagram post. Vargera, who also pointed out that Peter and Clay stood a little too close to each other during the day outside. According to Cosmopolitan, Peter’s ex-fiancee Hannah Ann Sloss was also seen responding to the paparazzi photos by deleting all of her photos with the pilot from her social media accounts.

Peter and Clay had a strong bond during their time on the show, which helped the couple meet for the first time before filming began. However, the pilot eventually eliminated her before her hometown dates, because Peter felt she didn’t take the process “seriously” enough. Although she had some strong words to Peter during her elimination interview, rumors began to swirl that Clay had reunited with the bachelor around February, when both were located in Miami.

While she wasn’t particularly invited to the special women’s movie to tell, Kelly appeared in an episode of Peter’s latest Final Rose, where she refuted the rumors that the pair had decided to rekindle their romance. “I heard it,” Kelly told E! News at that time. “I heard I was pregnant and also heard that I was with Peter now. I am not with Peter. I promise I will not go out with Peter. I will not go out with Peter.”

While there are still plenty of questions surrounding Kelly and Peter’s new and potential relationship, at the very least, the Bachelor Nation can take comfort in the fact that at least Peter’s mother approves of this possible reconciliation.