Phil back in the spotlight

Phil back in the spotlight

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“I know you think I’m stupid, but I swear I know more about boys and men than I do now.”

The words that express Max’s sympathy after Sam and I last week – “Oh, wow, I understand you have to go through these three times” – both prophetic and “Carbonara”, the mid-season episode is never in vain. proved how right he was. Tonight, Sam feels his two young daughters move away from him; Max doesn’t look like that. Written by Patricia Resnick, “Carbonara” struggles with alternative images of Sam’s life after building an empty nest. Sam is very extraverted, so he can’t live very well alone. But even though he can’t understand it, Sam has to look at his mother Phila just to look at his future.

Frankie slams Sam into the evening, smashing a car that makes her mother proud. In “Escape Drill,” the situation in which Samun walks over Frankie is quite limited: Frankie may mock him for wanting to “talk” to his mother, but diplomatically changes the subject to prevent a big bang. But Sam doesn’t want to talk about his love life; he is perfectly opposed and confident when he says that Frankie has been ‘good’ in the last 15 years or so this year, which has nothing to do with ‘success’. It’s not hard to believe him; Putting aside the “Volcel” (as it were, “voluntary thin”) jokes, Sam is really happy to make his life about work and his children. So when Frankie reminds Sam that one day all his children will move and live their own lives, Max takes a little wind from Sam’s sails, weakening his feelings.

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One season, Sam proudly announced that he was “meeting” his daughters, and he never shied away from that commitment. But this relationship only exists when the girls still trust him. They obviously love Sam, and even though they show it in a fun way, they often act like a joke (tonight the Duke finally captures it). But when the time comes, Max will empty the room, and then Frankie will finally be Duke. What would Sam do if he didn’t have these responsibilities after being entrusted to his daughters and putting his hands in this painful situation? Better Things is a question that has raised this question during this time; Revisit the second and non-starting relationship of the season with Robin. When Sam, Diedrich Bader, became desperate and wanted to make room in life for someone with real potential, they both accepted the overwhelming but comforting weight of their burdens. What does life look like for Sam when his responsibilities are drastically reduced? Is he struggling in his mind by betting on Frankie and Duke not to start working like Max?

Sam is thinking about this potential future on the carbon in the short term, but he is now more concerned with his past and Phil’s past. So he sent Phil to spit for a DNA test, and the cameraman asked his mother questions while he was ready to reveal family secrets in the film. Celia Imrie’s impeccable posture and crisp accent are recommended to a woman who manages all faculties; he never lets confidence slip, and even finds a way to ridicule Sam for his statements about sand and sieves. Phil shares his last wish (‘scattering my ashes around the seven seas’) with Sam, but Frankie and Duke give him the PIN, the money and the key to the safe.

It looks beautiful, in other words; has a deep understanding of those around him and many things in life, in fact. Phil even knows enough to celebrate his Prada costume at Goodwill, where he works part-time and revisits clients with stories about being the daughter of Cate Blanchett. Phil awakens intelligence and confidence in the relationship, but longs for a dancing couple, who is also punished for being caught in a price change. Of course, we’ve seen Phil look sensitive before, but here he just seems lonely. He never accepts Sam, this is something he has in common with his daughter. I know Samun said he wasn’t interested in dating, but Frankie was a little nervous when he said that his Hinge profile had gained some likes. He’s not lonely because he wants to meet someone like “tight, dad,” but Sam is a man. He even has conversations with complete strangers with a sign that he is worried that Frankie will inherit.

Photo: Suzanne Tenner (FX)

Samun’s nature doesn’t bring him very close to Duke’s ballet class dance moms, but the rapidly spreading Carbonara poses even bigger problems for him. Duke, despite his imperative teacher (Anne Beyer), gets likes in the classroom. He even prepares to give up football and talk to his mother in the car when he gets home. a noticeable change in the girl who comforted her mother’s friend at the premiere, but Duke grew up during this time – only Max and Frankie’s extreme problems and themes overshadowed her development. However, he has already shown caution in “Escape Drill”, but also deft hand in contour. Frankie’s visit to the gynecologist also opened a new chapter in her life. All of this reminds me that Sam will soon have two teenagers and will be almost twenty years old under his roof. Not because of hormones and tantrums, but because they are one step closer to leaving home.

You thought this perspective would bring Sam and Phil closer together, but Sam refused to let Phil go anywhere, and Phil refused to admit that he needed to look at him. The relationship with the soap girls is marked by a similar dynamic, and everyone’s behavior can be too mastered to break the pattern at this point. These are the real spirits that make the family happy; Rosalia (Jennifer Bartels), half of the “necessary couple”, feels when her husband Costin (Oleg Zatsepin) enters Sam’s house to repair a leaky roof. Change always happens on the cards for better things, but the increased number representing death is a sign of a very heartwarming development. For a while, I was more worried about Phil’s future than Sam. Pamela Adlon said that one of the most horrible things for someone to think about is the death of a parent. It seems to be his way of processing the feelings and helping the audience to come to terms with themselves, despite a lot of humor and metaphorical flourishing.

Critical observations

  • I know eggs are often used for “limpias” or spiritual cleansing, but I was still amazed at how Rosalie took them out of a bag completely harmless.
  • Sam’s story of breaking his collarbone during childbirth tells the story of his relationship with Phil, as well as their personalities. Sam had to be torn from his mother in order to be born; he also came into the world in torment for the good of others.
  • “Go there, we handed each other fishing poles.” Some fresh herbs from my neighbor (for cooking, of course) echoed in my head as I changed the paper towels. Better things imagine a better world in subtle ways.
  • Mother Romy Rosemont, Stepela Root, expecting her daughter in the gynecologist’s office, Pamela Adlon’s co-star of King King. That’s all I have to say about all this exchange.

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