Pig farmers make their way by tossing hams to buyers

Pig farmers make their way by tossing hams to buyers

A Prince Edward Island farm has found a different way to deliver its pork in real-time, by tossing a monster to drive a customer through it. the back.

Ranald MacFarlane, who runs the Precious Pork farm, said not just the inspiration but the hope that led to the new sales process. Its traditional grocery store has been shut down after a state-wide health report was launched last week.

“I was caught with a freezer that was full of pork, not open and perfect, so I just left a freezer box next door,” MacFarlane told CTVNews.ca in a phone interview.

“Buyers throw my money on me and I put it (pork) in their open car.”

MacFarlane, which also uses e-substitutes, says customers make phone calls first, text or message it. He completes the order and keeps it in a frozen car near the back.

He joked that “they wrapped me in the toilet. We took the toilet paper money,” he jokes.

“I got a coffee cup tied up with a hockey ball when we had to exchange a check.”

He added that Canada’s plastic currency is still strong enough to use antibiotics.

When the nearest MacFarlane neighbor separates himself, he leaves the ham in their mailbox and they become comfortable with the cookies separately.

…. drive open 24/7 … freeze only … e change delivery or $ change roll on TP … pork is still in stock but goes fast … honk on service … MUST pre-order … pic.twitter.com/u9Y1ljmcoG

– Scotty MacSqueezenickel (@PleasantPork) March 22, 2020

“Unusual” buyers MacFarlane told CTVNews.ca, with two or three a day visiting his backyard for pork or eggs. They also keep some henna.

Describing himself as a “free farmer,” MacFarlane started his business 20 years ago and owns 100 pigs on his land.

When he said the abduction was “good for now” he didn’t want to be in the “farm-arrest” for too long.

“I love her. I just did it myself and did a lot of farming, ”MacFarlane said.