Police investigate possible Swedish crimes to join a man shot in South London UK News


Detectives are investigating whether a man was murdered in front of his family on Christmas Eve in revenge for an attack on Swedish criminal ties.

Flamur Beqiri was shot outside his house in Battersea, southwest London, around 24:00, December 24, when he returned with his wife and little child.

Scotland Yard said Beqiri, a Swedish national with an Albanian heritage, has lived in London for four or five years.

DI Jamie Stevenson said Beqiri was shot several times on Battersea Church Road by a lone striker who escaped on foot. He said: “We are working to determine what the motive might be, and while keeping an open mind, we think it is a targeted attack. Although I have in mind the concerns of the local community, at this stage we do not think that there is still a risk to citizens.

“We believe that Flamur may have been involved in a particular crime in Sweden and are in contact with our Swedish partners to try to understand what incidents might have led to someone in the UK requesting a return for Flamur. . “

Neighbors living near the shooting scene described decent shots, followed by a woman shouting for help.

Vittoria Amati said she heard 8 to 10 shots fired in quick succession. She said, “Then I heard my wife cry. I went out and realized that he was one of my neighbors. He was lying in front of a door in a pool of blood. He was still alive. We really hoped she could do it. You have no idea how desperate [his wife] sounded. “

They have not been arrested and the metropolitan police are asking witnesses to report.

Stevenson said, “Flamur’s family, his wife, and a very small child, have witnessed this terrible attack and are confronted with their world turning upside down. I ask that their privacy be respected at this terrible time. Now, the most important thing is to get justice for Flamura’s family.

“The attack occurred at nine in the evening. Not only would many people go to work, but I am sure that many residents would be concerned about the sound of disturbance and go to see what happened. “

Death is the 148th murder identified by PA Media in London in 2019, the highest number in a calendar year since 2008.

According to Interior Ministry statistics, 141 police killings have been made in the capital in London over the past year.